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Thread: Paris Hilton’s boyfriend, Leftovers actor Chris Zylka gets tattoo he’ll likely regret

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    To be fair, that lion was pretty shit.

    And the Disney Paris looks like Pai2is (or even PAI2i5).
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    Yes, it was, but so is the feather.

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    So, he covered up her name by putting her picture on his arm. Way to go, dude.
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    Quote Originally Posted by funky_chicken View Post
    I don't really get it. Did he cover up the lion and the letters as well, then? And where is the feather in the before picture?
    The before pic is closer, showing less of his arm. The feathers are closer to the bend of the elbow, that you cannot see in the before. He had some kind wordage above the lion. It looks the feathers are part of the cover up as you no longer see the words, either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lindsaywhit View Post

    Chris could get creative...
    Him and what college fraternity?
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