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Thread: Paris Hilton banned from a Russian hotel

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    Quote Originally Posted by NicoleWasHere View Post
    I still can't believe Paris is 27. She acts like she's 12.
    I know! You're going to deface expensive wallpaper in a luxury suite, and all you can come up with is your name, current location, and current year? She's a fucking poet laureate, that one.

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    I can't wait for an entire country to ban her!

    (secretly hoping its the U.S.)

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    Ah, the good role models that our children are following...

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    ^^ I would cry if my kid made the statement "I don't like England, I can't understand them they speak French?"

    All that money and not one dime spent on her education.. she gives Americans a bad name, she give women a bad name.

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