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Thread: Pamela Andersonís son Dylan Lee is Saint Laurent model

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    Her original nose sure has strong genes, eh?
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    Pam's looking her age

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    It's like she can't quite do classy.

    Dress could have been great, but it just has to have the one fake breast poking out the top on the one side. Then the metallic stripper shoes from Payless.
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    Her kids are fug, especially the older smarmy one. Thank god for money, I guess.

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    The older one looks like a reject from Jersey Shore.
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    Quote Originally Posted by redcat View Post
    He doesn't seem tall at all. Probably Pam is wearing some tower-heels, but still, in these pics he seems shorter than her. And he's 18. I know height can increase for boys until around 21 y.o. but based on my empirical observation most girls stop around 16 yo and most boys around 18.
    You could tell Cindy Crawford's kids were going to be tall since a young age.
    Pam is listed as 5′ 7″, she's probably in 4" + heels, brining her close to 6 feet. I'd say the son is close to 5'10" if not taller with a few more years to go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trixie View Post
    The older one looks like a reject from Jersey Shore.
    That's it! I couldn't put my finger on it (who he reminded me of) - he gives me a Mike "The Situation" vibe.
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