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Thread: Owen Wilson and Kate Hudson papped holding hands

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    more like friends with benefits...
    Im ashamed to say what I did for a klondike bar...

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    Hmm, I wonder if this is a phot op to shut up the gossips, or if Kate ran down there all jealous like...?

    She looks pregnant- even in those bikini pics she looked like she was sucking in the gut for all she was worth.

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    She's not pregnant. I'm as thin as kate but my stomach bloats like mad some days; and I look pregnant. Kate's probably not hitting the gym as much anymore, or is eating.

    The type of dress she's wearing here doesn't help; and she's still flat chested, so I'd say tummy bloat more than pregnancy body because she had quite a large rack when she was pregnant before.

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    I'd almost rather see him date Chinni than this stalker.

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