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Thread: Orlando Bloom Scuffles with Justin Bieber in Ibiza

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    Quote Originally Posted by levitt View Post
    No he isn't! If it means Bieber gets his ass handed to him, I don't care if it's fucking Father Time, no one is too old for that shit!
    and Bieber is such a little twerp, Rip Van Fucking Winkle could kick his ass without even waking up!
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    I admit that my desire to see this little shit get his ass handed to him is stronger than my feelings that Orlando should be above giving him the time of day. But there needs to be no doubt. With lots of bystander vids including the crowd applauding and buying drinks for Orly.
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    ^^ You're probably right. But if I was a dude and my wife cheated on me with that POS, I would take a deep hard look at my choices. And then yeah, I'd probably want to beat the shit out of him too.

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    Handbags at dawn!
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    Plus sometimes it's less about the wife and more about the insult to their masculinity - you can bet that Bieber was throwing about comments about how he was man enough to take care of what Orlando couldn't etc etc (I've witnessed this sort of pre-fight exchange before and know how it goes). One thing I am wondering is if the final comment that caused Orlando to take a swing wasn't directly about Miranda at all but about Flynn. He was walking away and then that little bitch ass said something and suddenly it was on. When everything else has failed to get the reaction they wanted a lowlife will always make a comment about the parentage of a child. Not that Orlando has anything to worry about on that score as Flynn is his mini-me but I can still imagine the red mist descending at that sort of comment.
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    Yeah, Justin was dissing the mother of his child as well as his ex and Justin being the little twerp that he is, would have no idea of the difference.

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    nothing funnier than watching two sissies have a Donnybrook

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    I'm not particularly disappointed with Orlando for swinging at him, as I am for missing. I'm sure all parties involved were drunk and the best they could have managed was a sloppy drunk-fight, perhaps ending with Biebs' bodyguards putting him in his stroller and taking him out to the limo.
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    Yea,..Orlando seems like a pussy to me. If your going to take a punch at someone, at least make flipping contact! They should have let them duke it out,....I think it would have been a good damn fight!!

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    I wanted a fight! That was nuttin'

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    Orlando Bloom 'takes swing at Justin Bieber outside Ibiza club' | Mail Online

    EXCLUSIVE: Watch the moment Orlando Bloom throws a punch at Justin Bieber in Ibiza restaurant... as singer fuels hook-up rumours with bikini snap of the actor's ex Miranda Kerr

    • Made a beeline for Canadian star during night out at popular restaurant Ciprianis
    • A source confirms to MailOnline that Orlando Bloom 'took a swing' at Justin Bieber in the early hours of Wednesday morning in Ibiza, Spain
    • Troublemaker Justin then posted a picture of Orlando's ex Miranda Kerr before quickly deleting it, fuelling rumours the pair went on a date in 2011

    By Heidi Parker and George Stark and Jason Chester
    Published: 20:49 EST, 29 July 2014 | Updated: 08:41 EST, 30 July 2014

    New footage, obtained exclusively by MailOnline, captures the moment actor Orlando Bloom throws a punch at Justin Bieber during a night out in Ibiza.

    The incident was recorded by onlookers as Bieber crossed paths with the Pirates of the Caribbean star shortly after entering popular eatery Cipriani with his entourage.

    Bloom, who wears a light coloured shirt, appears to make a beeline for the Canadian star before throwing a single punch.

    Taking aim: Orlando Bloom (circled, right) lashes out at Justin Bieber (circled, left) during a night out at Cipriani restaurant in Ibiza on Wednesday evening

    EXCLUSIVE: See Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber clash

    Bieber's security team promptly pull the two apart before the incident spilled over into the street, with the singer reportedly calling the British actor a 'b**ch.'

    The singer later greeted fans on the street, seemingly oblivious to the ugly scenes that had just played out with the heartthrob.

    As a throng of predominantly female onlookers neared, the singer cheerfully obliged them by posing for a series of snaps.

    Making an entrance: Bieber, wearing a white T-shirt and customary baseball cap, enters Ciprianis with his entourage on Wednesday evening

    Wading in: Bloom, pictured second from right in a loose fitting white shirt, deliberately veers towards Bieber (not pictured)

    As members of their entourage engage in a scuffle to keep the two stars apart, Bloom is seen walking away before returning to gesticulate at Bieber, who sports one of his customary baseball caps.

    Shortly after the incident Bieber posted a picture of Bloom's estranged wife, Australin model Miranda Kerr, fuelling rumours he went on a date with her while they were still married in 2012.

    While representatives for Bloom and Bieber have refused to comment on the matter, a source on the scene has confirmed the incident to MailOnline.

    Pandemonium: Bloom, partially obscured by the onlooker in white, is filmed throwing a punch at Bieber as their paths cross on Wednesday evening

    Hitting out: The actor's raised arm is visible as he lashes out at the singer before being pulled away

    Pulled apart: Bloom, far left, is pulled away from Bieber, far right, following the incident

    We're told: 'Justin was being cordial, and everything was fine. But then Orlando was annoyed when he saw it was Justin and instigated by taking a swing at Justin.'

    'Justin ducked, and Orlando's punch missed'.

    Our source adds: 'People intervened, some minor pushing, then they were separated. Justin stayed for a while after.'

    Much to discuss: Bieber talks to members of his entourage shortly after the ugly incident with Bloom

    All over: The Canadian singer brushed off his altercation with Bloom while idling outside the restaurant on Wednesday evening, during which a member of his group made light of the bust-up - much to his amusement (R)

    Gangsta: The singer strikes a pose with onlookers outside the Ibiza eatery

    TMZ also report that the attempted punch took place fter the 20-year-old bad boy of music asked Bloom, 'What's up b****?'

    For years it has been reported that Kerr had been seen on a date with Bieber following a Victoria's Secret show in 2012.

    Clearly trying to irritate the situation further, Bieber then posted a picture of Miranda in a bikini with a symbol of a crown as a caption.

    Popular: Bieber gets acquainted with a group of predominantly female fans

    IN good company: Justin was joined on the night by rumoured girlfriend Vovanna Ventura

    And Bloom also has ties to Bieber's ex, Selena Gomez; in April they were spotted partying together at the Forum in LA after taking in Chelsea Handler's Uganda Be Kidding Me show.

    After Orlando made his alleged punch, the singer - who was arrested for a DUI in Miami earlier this year - 'fled the restaurant,' according to the site.
    The British actor is almost 6ft tall and the Canadian performer is said to be 5ft 7in. It has been guessed that Bieber actually fibs about his height and is more along the lines of 5ft 4in.

    Cipriani was 'packed with celebs,' an insider said. Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Sean 'P Diddy' Combs were all reportedly in attendance at the time.

    Orlando is not photographed taking a swing at the young artist, but an eyewitness told TMZ that's 'exactly what happened'.

    Troublemaker! Following the scuffle, Justin then posted a picture of Orlando's ex Miranda Kerr before quickly deleting it on his Instagram page

    The location: Cipriani in Ibiza is an expensive poolside restaurant; also there were Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan

    They both like her: The fight is thought to be over Miranda Kerr, who was married to Orlando but hung out with Bieber in 2012; here the model is seen in Berlin on Tuesday

    Not a good idea Biebs: The 20-year-old musician was in the company of the beauty at the December 2012 Victoria's Secret show

    When they were still man and wife: Mrs and Mrs Bloom at the Vanity Fair Oscar party in 2013

    Archive: Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom in happier times

    Justin was seen with Orlando's now estranged wife Kerr at 2012 Victoria's Secret fashion show in NYC.

    It was reported that the two got 'very close' after the event, despite Kerr still being married to Bloom at the time.

    Kerr and Bloom announced their separation in October 2013 after three years of marriage, claiming they had split several months earlier.

    When Orlando was seen with Gomez in April, it was heavily speculated that they could have been on a date.

    She's involved too: Selena Gomez in LA on Saturday with her head down; she has not been seen with Bieber in weeks

    An alarming photo: Bloom looked run down as Gomez appeared exhausted as they waited outside Chelsea Handler's Los Angeles show of Uganda Be Kidding Me in April

    Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez do a movie date

    Earlier in the day Bloom was seen with pretty women on a yacht in the Ibiza area. Erica Packer - the former spouse of Australian billionaire James Packer, who himself has been linked to Miranda, is thought to be one of them.

    On Tuesday, Bieber shared a photo where he was boarding a private jet with a pal. Both were shirtless and showing off tattoos.

    It is likely they were headed to Spain.

    A wild July for the single guy: The Pirates Of The Caribbean actor seen with friends aboard a yacht in Ibiza just hours before the alleged fight

    Intentional?: Also on the vessel was Erica Packer, the ex of 46-year-old Australian billionaire James Packer who has been linked to Kerr as well

    Meanwhile, Kerr was seen in Munich, Germany at an Escada event on Tuesday.

    Also on Tuesday, TMZ reported that the Beverly Hills building in which Bieber has been living is hiring lawyers to deal with the star.

    He has allegedly been making so much noise with his parties that police were called six times in one weekend alone this month to his unit.

    On his way to Spain: Bieber seen boarding his jet with no shirt on as a pal was behind him

    Not a good year for the little guy: Justin, seen on Monday in his car, has been arguing with the neighbors of his Beverly Hills condo rental; TMZ reported Tuesday the board of the building is hiring lawyers to oust the singer

    Endless party: Justin also posted this snap of himself with a pal on Tuesday night

    A well-attended party: Paris Hilton was also believed to be in the same club in Ibiza on the night of the alleged altercation between Justin and Orlando

    Read more:

    Orlando Bloom 'takes swing at Justin Bieber outside Ibiza club' | Mail Online

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    My god he has become so FUCKIN' douchy!!!!! I laugh at how he holds himself as if he is so tough but can't even move an inch without an "entourage". A fuckin' entourage! Do they join him when he shits and pisses too?!
    Dang, you're 20... wipe your OWN ass and grow the fuk up.
    P.o.s's like him don't deserve the money he has. Not one damn cent.

    team Orlando
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    No wonder Orlando backed off, Bieber is really scary!

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    Go Orly go!!!
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    Supposedly Bieber made a snide remark to Orlando about Miranda. "she was good."
    Then later, according to commenters on Celebitchy, Bieber's bodyguard tweeted something like "don't be mad bro. everyone has had her."

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