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Thread: Oprah Winfrey given the heave ho

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    I liked Oprah when she was fat. Now she is a sanctimonious bitch.

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    ^^ she's gained her weight back, says it's a thyroid problem so now she's a fat sanctimonious bitch.

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    Oh, Doprah had a show get cancelled? I didnt even realize the cow had a prime time show. Whatever, Doprah. Next time, it will be your daytime show getting the axe. After the Tom Cruice blowjob, she really should be fired.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GaPeach View Post
    somebody break out the John Deer, have you seen her lately, thats a lot of ho to heave.
    That line deserves a quote - it's damn funny!!!!!
    "The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits."

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