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You do know that although it was BP's hole that the company drilling it was American don't you? Another American company has a lot if financial interest in it too.... It's not just a BP rig - but I guess that US media chooses not to discuss thatů
Mainstream media ain't my thang. I'm not serious, I really am just kidding.

Honestly, you can't blame BP. They are just another greedy corp, like any other here in the US, trying to get away with murder. That's what corporations do.

If anyone is to blame is us, the regular old Americans, who bought into the divine rights of corporations and their innate goodness. We're the suckers, and continue to be. One can't regulate Gods! Or they aren't really Gods!

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Halliburton, BP and Transocean. Also, Halliburton is Dick Cheney's company, and coincidentally bought up Boots and Coots just before the oil disaster.

US media discusses it a lot, but it is alternative media, not MSM.
PBS has been ripping up this disaster. Rolling Stone is the closest you can get to any Major Media with a explosive story. So far, the coverage has been so weak, so non-confrontational, it makes me ill.