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Thread: Now Lindsay Lohan's INVITING the paparazzi to photograph her

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    Classic Scrolldown Nightmare:

    Below her skin looks very nice for a change, although you can really notice that chin that her sister sports. I never really realized it before.

    Then, whoa! It's 2 strippers and a model. That makeup, that hair! What drugs is she doing that skew her vision so much? And I'm not trying to be shallow, but there are MUCH MUCH more attractive models out there who would take this job (no names, but still better looking). Do you think she picked these two so they wouldn't be more attractive than her? At least the blond LOOKS like a model. And WHY does Hohan insist on giving that bitch face that only makes her face look (more?) bloated?

    And you know Hohan is getting all turned on by the swarm of paps. "Ahh, like the good old days! Should I give them a crotch shot? No,
    next time"

    She's loving this moment too.

    At least some of that lipstick wore off, but too bad she literally looks at least 29. And another version of her "bitch face" is displayed (which is just about every "look" she has)

    I'm sorry, I still can't stand her.

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    pink hands.

    pink ears.

    orange face.


    ... or not.
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