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Thread: No Shit Sherlock News - Kim Kardashian/Kris Humphries may already be on the rocks

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    On Alan Carr show she said a few times "You're really trying to have sex with me".

    Girl, that's the only thing a man wants to do with you, there's not much use in other areas, like what will he talk about with you?

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    ^^ Alan Carr would prefer a cup of tea.

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    I know, this is getting a bit old, but I just so happened to stumble across the lady with the World's Biggest Behind.

    My bum is the widest in the world.. and I want to make it bigger
    Rightly or wrongly, most women are desperate *for a smaller bum.

    Dionne Washington - DM Collect

    Rightly or wrongly, most women are desperate *for a smaller bum. *Gym workouts, magic *knickers and all sorts of diet tricks...we’ll try anything for a perfectly pert behind.

    But Dionne Washington can’t imagine anything worse. Her massive bottom is 5ft 3ins across and weighs a whopping 22st – the same as three Victoria Beckhams or a baby panda. And it’s her greatest asset.

    “I am literally sitting on a fortune,” says Dionne, 35. “My bum must be the widest in the world and it earns me over 90,000 a year. I used to hate it, but now it’s my fave feature.”

    She knows how much her bottom weighs because four men lifted her up and flopped it down on a set of industrial scales while holding up the rest of her. At its widest point, it’s 14ft 9ins around, and she’s on a mission to make it even bigger.
    Dionne’s total weight is 35st and at 5ft 4ins tall her Body Mass Index is 85. That’s four times more than an average woman and it puts her at risk of high cholesterol, diabetes and heart problems.

    “I’m not concerned,” she insists. “I love my body and wouldn’t change a thing.”

    Dionne says nearly everything she eats goes to her bottom and to maintain its huge size she consumes a shocking 9,000 calories a day – more than three times the recommended intake for women.

    “The more I eat the bigger this beauty gets,” says Dionne.

    She hasn’t always been so proud of her bum though. Growing up in Texas, USA, she says it was the bane of her life. A skinny child, her weight ballooned when she hit puberty.

    “Suddenly I went from size 12 jeans to a size 18, then 20 then 22, while on top I remained a size 14. Kids at school can be so cruel, calling me Big Bum Bertha, Butt Head and Bottom Feeder. I’d sit at the back of class and wait until everyone else left the room because my bum often got stuck in the chair.
    “I could barely run, so PE was a nightmare. I’d get mum to write notes saying I had cramps or sore knees. I tried wearing Spanx to contain my bottom but they didn’t work. I went to the prom by myself and left school feeling depressed, lacking confidence and hating my body,” she recalls.
    Dionne tried endless diets, including drinking just diet shakes, the cabbage soup diet and *Weight*Watchers. But nothing worked.

    “My mum Carol took me to see the doctor and he said I needed to diet and exercise more. Mum told me some of my cousins had big bottoms and perhaps it was genetic. All I *did was hide under big dresses and comfort-eat.”

    Studying business administration at a local college, Dionne was miserable. “I kept my head down and tried to make myself invisible but that was hard. I was still a virgin and felt I’d never find someone who liked me for being me,” she says.

    But at 19 one of the guys from class asked her out.

    “It was the first time anyone had shown real interest. The date was lovely and we ended up having sex. Then I discovered later he’d done it for a bet with the other guys in my class. I was devastated and lost even more confidence.”

    Dionne started work at a law firm. “It was hard as my behind was getting wider as was my appetite. I couldn’t fit into the office chairs. I hated it.
    “Then a doctor told me I could diet but the weight probably wouldn’t shift. I could have liposuction but it would take multiple surgeries then I’d need more to fix the hanging skin. It would cost more than 25,000.”

    Earning just 14,000 a year, Dionne was devastated. “I tried to get new jobs but the prettier, smaller girls always beat me even though I was more qualified. *I knew it was down to my size,” she says.

    Then her second boyfriend, who she met in 2008, made her realise she should love her bottom. After the second date he admitted he was attracted to very large women.

    “He was throwing all these phrases at me I didn’t understand. He explained he was a ‘fat admirer’ and loved large women and said that in his books I was a BBW – a Big, Beautiful Woman,” she says.

    “That night he showed me forums on the internet dedicated to big girls. Some weighed up to 50st. There were super-sized girls in lingerie proudly flashing their flab. Suddenly my world changed. I’d discovered a place where women like me were not only accepted, but adored.”

    She made friends with other big girls who were sure her wide bottom would be a hit. So in February 2008, she decided to take the plunge and post some pictures online.

    “I weighed 30st and was sick of my boring life. I’d just come out of another failed relationship so I decided to take control,” she says.

    “I had a girlfriend take some pictures of me and posted them on a forum. Within 48 hours I was inundated with emails from fans around the world wanting to know if they could buy my pictures.”

    Dionne admits she was scared and thrilled at the same time.

    “But I decided to go for it. I started selling pictures and videos of me and my bum online. I offered special membership rates of up to 20 a month and would send people two picture sets of up to 30 images. For extra they’d get a video and I charged even more for instant message chats.”
    Dionne has built up her empire and now has more than 15,000 fans. Her bottom has paid for an apartment, a big car (with extra large seats), holidays, designer clothes and gifts for her friends.

    However, having the world’s widest bum doesn’t come without its problems.

    She can’t sit on normal chairs or stools – *she takes up a *two-seater sofa – so she does a lot of her computer work in bed. She has a supersized stool, but even with that her bottom sticks out 8ins at the back and 9ins each side.

    Dionne also requires *extra-wide changing rooms in shops.

    “Sometimes I can’t try on clothes as I literally can’t fit,” she says. “I need toilets with seats for big people and I get stuck in bath tubs. I get a lot of clothes made to order in size 36-40, especially my knickers,” she says.

    “I hate shopping in supermarket aisles that have cans and displays sticking out as I end up knocking them over. At restaurants I have to sit in a booth for three people and push the table to the other side. I don’t use buses – I have to turn sideways just to get through the door.”

    She has a serious fear of getting stuck in the toilet on a train *or plane.

    “One time I got stuck and the air hostess had to pull me out. I laugh now but *it makes you *realise the seats *need to *be bigger for us *large girls.”
    Dionne’s parents are both dead but she has an aunt who thinks she is nuts. On the other hand, her friends are very supportive. “They tell me I’m amazing and a real inspiration,” she says.

    Dionne admits she suffers from back pain but claims it’s minimal because the heavier she gets, her body will change to handle the *extra pounds.
    “I am a Jimmy Choo fan but I can’t wear heels. My doctor said my butt wouldn’t allow me to balance properly and sometimes after a long day I lose a little sensation in *my feet,” she says.

    She gets endless marriage proposals from fans but turns them all down.

    “I have joined a few dating sites and hope to find a guy who likes me for my brains who I can marry and have kids with.
    “I’ve had some eggs frozen in case I meet Mr Perfect later in life so I can still have a baby.”

    For now, the woman with the world’s widest butt, has no plans to stop modelling or change her lifestyle. “I earn tens of thousands, I have thousands of fans *and those kids at college who *teased me are all in dead-end jobs.

    She says: “I never ask people if my butt looks big in this. I ask them if it’s big enough... the bigger the better.”

    Source: My bum is the widest in the world.. and I want to make it bigger - Mirror Online
    Thats natural. Sorry Kim, they just dont appear to come out looking like yours.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fgg View Post
    PICS: Kim Kardashian Lets British TV Host Alan Carr Grope Her "Big Butt"

    Let's hope Kanye West isn't the jealous type.

    The 34-year-old rapper's girlfriend, Kim Kardashian, 31, got cheeky during a taping of England's Alan Carr: Chatty Man (airing Friday at 10 p.m.).

    "I would love a bum like yours," host Alan Carr, 35, told the buxom E! reality star. "If I had a bum like yours I would walk in to a room backwards. How honored are you when people say you have the best bum in the world?"

    Kardashian admitted that "it's weird to think of yourself like that, but I do work out all the time. I also think it's like an Armenian thing; it runs in the family, and we are all really curvy. So I thank my roots for giving me a big butt!"

    After explaining that her butt is all real -- "no implants!" -- Kardashian invited Carr to check it out for himself.

    "You know what a real butt feels like, right?" Kardashian laughed, as Carr placed his hand on her famous derriere.

    Though Kardashian didn't say much about her relationship with West, she was happy to address critics who say she's only "famous for being famous."

    "You know, it doesn't really bother me. I'm pretty realistic: I don't sing, I don't dance. I'm not that kind of celebrity," Kardashian said. "I don't think reality people get that much respect. I have to get people to like me for being me, not for a script that someone's written for me."

    She added: "I'm just thankful we're on the seventh series of our show and people are still in to it and think we’re fun and crazy. There are a lot of things that I do so I don't really look at it negatively. I'm pretty realistic."

    Kim Kardashian Lets British TV Host Alan Carr Grope Her "Big Butt" -
    Oh bullshit.
    As unscripted as them re-filming her "marriage" falling apart, right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NVash View Post
    ^ Shes been linked to Reggie again, the Saudi billionaire and now Kanye. I think thats a bit much when the divorce has yet to be finalized but hey, thats just me.
    I don't know about Reggie, but the Saudi dude was a paying gig and Kanye's gay, so...
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    Quote Originally Posted by shedevilang View Post
    (Replying to MontanaMama) This is some of the smartest shit I ever read

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    Quote Originally Posted by MontanaMama View Post
    I don't know about Reggie, but the Saudi dude was a paying gig and Kanye's gay, so...
    Real talk
    Look! He's smizing! V

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    He is so fucking ugly.
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    I am a member of the "Boycott the Kardashians" Fanpage of Facebook and they just wrote this:

    Some very interesting news...

    Hello everyone, I have some very interesting news to share with you in regards to the ongoing boycott of the Kardashians. In the last month it seems they have been very active in shutting down the negative opinions of them and their shows.

    Two websites were shut down, and have disappeared from the internet. It came at a complete surprise to everyone that has worked hard to spread the boycott and now there are folks saying it was a payout to shut them down and stop all communications. Their Facebook & Twitter accounts are quiet and I have not heard a word from them.

    It would appear that the old theory “bad press is good press” does not apply anymore when these sites were shut down in what now looks like a payoff.

    I have also been watching our “Likes” on this page and I have seen some alarming trends going on. I am adding a screen shot of our likes so you can also see that the numbers on this page are VERY strange and I feel something is going on big time.

    Our last post was on March 28, almost 2 months ago and yet 20+ people a day are coming over to this page to unlike us. Luckily we are still growing but that is strange since we have not posted in 2 months. What I am saying is that people that once liked the page now have to come over and click the unlike button... That seems very strange.

    The good news is we continue to beat those numbers because more and more people have had enough of this type of filth on TV. Parents are standing up and not allowing their children to watch this crap anymore and I applaud parents that do that. These people are NOT role models and in the times we live in the Kards are irrelevant.

    Keep on boycotting & spread the word!
    Your support keeps us motivated!

    Boycott the Kards!

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    Ohhhhhhhhhhh a Kardashian Konspiracy!!!
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    Bumping you back on to page 1!

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    Kim Kardashian Loses "Sentimental" Items Stolen from Her Luggage

    Celebrity News
    May 28, 2012 AT 9:29AM
    By Ariana Finlayson

    Kim Kardashian at 2012 amfAR's Cinema Against AIDS during the 65th Annual Cannes Film Festival at Hotel Du Cap on May 24, 2012 in Antibes, France.
    Credit: Venturelli/WireImage

    Kim Kardashian is not a happy flyer.

    After enjoying her jaunt at the Cannes Film Festival, it was time for the E! star to head on back home to Los Angeles. But when she arrived at LAX, she found herself missing a few of the things she had in France.

    "Very disappointed in British Airways for opening my luggage and taking some special items of mine! Some things are sentimental and not replaceable," Kardashian, 31, tweeted on Saturday.

    "What happened to the days when you could lock your bags! We need to get back to that. There's no sense of security and no trust!" she continued before adding, "Shame on you."

    A source close to the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star tells Us Weekly of the unfortunate event, "She was warned it happens, but it's just rude."

    While in Cannes, France, Kardashian and her hot-and-heavy beau Kanye West, 34, were spotted hopping around the city's events together. They packed on the PDA while grabbing ice cream and posed together on the red carpet at West's Cannes Film Festival premiere of his art film/art installation, Cruel Summer.

    At the amfAR Cinema Against AIDS gala on Thursday, the reality star wowed in a canary yellow Elie Saab gown, which featured two hip-high slits and a low-cut neckline.
    Read more: Kim Kardashian Loses "Sentimental" Items Stolen from Her Luggage -

    Her first vibrator? The original of her tape with Ray J?

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    A bottle of urine!

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    Her dental floss.

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    Probably eyelash glue and her knee pads.
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    Wedding gifts!
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