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Thread: Nikki Sixx and Kat Von D wearing matching tattoos

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    Kat Von D's ex boyfriend stated on his blog that they dated til the last week of February, and she started dating Nikki Sixx the first week of March. This girl's full of shit. Whatever happened to her baby? Wasn't she like 5 months pregnant or something?

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    ^Food baby.

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    she's a walking ink billboard.
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    I don't know why they declare that everything is fantastic and they're so deeply in love, soulmates, blah blah. It just makes them look even more stupid when they break up.

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    Ithink she looks like stormy his daughter in 10 yrs

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    I hope this ridiculous relationship comes to a quick end. I can't believe he could possibly be in love with that skank pig.

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    Don't know her and I don't care to know her but those tatts on her look horrible. I don't care that she is she kind of artist.

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    I think that Mr Sixx looks younger than Kat Van D does, he must have had his schmuss sandpapered to say the least.

    What really gets me when I look at photos of Kat Van D is the idea and premise of what she's going to look like when she's an elderly woman, hunched over with osteoporisis, suffering from wrinkled skin, bald, and lisping through lined gums that no longer have teeth.

    IMO she made a real mistake when she tattooed her face. What was she thinking? As far as I know, the only other peeps who did something that stupid are Mike Tyson and Kamala.

    It's okay to do things like that when you are young...later, you are going to end up scaring others and it ain't funny.

    I love tattoos, don't get me wrong. I have one myself. But it isn't on my face or on the small of my back (another place I hate to see tattoos).

    I am older than some here and I got my tattoo in 1980 -- it is a cobra coming out of the earth. It is on my right inner arm near my wrist.

    Despite my namesake "Pippin" my actual name is Eva and I wanted the tattoo of the snake, because it represents temptation, Adam and Eva, etc.

    I can resist anything but temptation.

    Somehow a warbled, crcikety old tattooed woman doesn't sound appealing.

    I will snicker gently from the other side...

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