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Thread: Nicole Richie is mad that Paris Hilton is touring with band while she’s home

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    [quote=Novice;1133020]surely it won't be the first/last time Nicole gets Paris' cast offs? Might even be a first that its Nicole's cast-off that Paris is getting coz you know that Paris just wants to o the twins together.... it's every man's dream....[/quote]

    ew, isn't that incest? sisters doing each other and a random guy?
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    probably but it doesn't seem to bother them... ditto mother & daughters... but I bet Kathy & Paris would go for it!
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    Oh hey haven't Benji and Joel been linked together before? It might be in the juicy celebrity dirt thread where I read it.

    In that case, Nicole has a reason to worry.

    They're so fug. One is bad enough, but TWO!?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beeyotch View Post
    I absolutely agree. The only way she's happy is if she's stealing other girls' boyfriends, extra points if the girl is her "friend." She doesn't even care about the guy, I'm sure, I'm convinced Parisite prefers girls.
    I don't if Parisite prefers girls, but I do think she is totally about stealing her friends boyfriends/partners etc... I think it's totally sick, but we've seen her hook-up with so many people's former flames/current beaus... and you know she just does it for attention and to make herself feel superior... although, what's to feel superior about being a total ho I'm not sure!
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    Paris is a bitch and I'm glad her chin ate the concrete.

    I can understand Nicole being apprehensive about being alone with Harlow - but please! No doubt she has nannies.

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