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Thread: Nicole Kidman muses on God, babies, and puking all over the place

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    I donít have any doubt that she is pregnant. Itís all in the angle at which the pic is taken. Take a look at this pic, taken from the side:

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    ^I'll copy and paste it for everyone. Imo, she looks waaay bigger in this pic. Now I'm confuzzled.
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    awwww she looks so very pregnant.. way to go Keith! Take that Tommy you blank shooting weirdo!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sassiness View Post
    But third trimester?? Where's the baby bump??!! She's got a baby PEBBLE!
    I was chatting with a pregnant woman at the gym one day. She looked to be three, maybe four months along at the most. I about fell over when she told me she was nine months along and due any day! Believe me when I say she was barely showing. So, it is possible, especially with a first baby.
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    Thanks sparkly! I couldn't figure out how to do it.

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    Yes, I agree with everyone who says a small belly doesn't mean anything. Lots of women don't show very much.

    And look at Katie with her up and down belly. No one knew what to believe there! At least Nicole's belly is consistent.

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