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Thread: Nicole Kidman may soon be placed on "suicide" watch

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    Quote Originally Posted by crackho View Post
    Welcome! I am just over the bridge in VA but work downtown. So now its been moved up to a tornado watch! Have you been past the Scientology Center yet? Weird!
    Thanks for the welcome! I read this last night, and immediately left GR to start researching Tornado survival skills. Earthquakes I get...tornados not so much! LOL

    I think I live in downtown DC. Still not quite sure. I'm absolutely in love with the city though. I'm already looking for jobs, although I may have to live in Maryland if I get the job I have my heart set on.

    Back to the topic, thanks for the clarification on the suicide watch all makes sense now!

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    I also wonder how much of Pellicano trial is also to do with her getting her confidence up as she was convinced that her phone was tapped & Cruise is supposed to have been another of Pellicano's client.....
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