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Thread: Nicki Minaj Holds 'Orgasm Interventions': 'I Demand That I Climax'

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    I know a woman who went from having just four orgasms in her entire life to having five s night!! Communication is key!!
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    I knew a woman who's partner refused to do oral (but asked for it all the same), and she insisted that she could orgasm from him hitting her cervix. I didn't believe a word of it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by joebob View Post
    You could also say that there are a bunch of women who just lay there and expect a man to make it happen.

    Effort goes both ways.
    Yes and Nicki is, herself, saying that women should put forth that very effort. Doesn't sound like she's even remotely just placing it all on the man's shoulders (which is probably not the best position in which to get off anyway...).

    I do climax about 90% of the time with my husband, but I seldom did with penetration alone before him. And it took us probably four or five times at the beginning to get the groove down. And it's not like it just happens in any old position - it takes missionary or me on top leaning forwardish (not sitting up straight or leaning back) for it to happen without other clitoral stimulation. It's obviously all about how parts fit together such that the clit is being stimulated in some way, and it's also largely mental. Every once in a while I just don't get there and that's okay too, he just goes down on me or something... WAIT, WHY AM I TALKING ABOUT THIS?!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alysheba View Post
    Well...since we are confessing here. I'm one of those who has NEVER had an orgasm during penetrative sex. EVER. Don't waste my time suggesting a quickie. I have more fun clipping my toenails. I have many women friends who will declare the same. I've known several males who will not perform oral sex, but yet, some... demand it from their female mate. No need to mention most of them are no longer together.

    To those women who have orgasms with every bang. I salute you. But I don't believe you.
    I don't think anyone here said they get off every time they have sex (though admittedly I could have missed that), rather some of us are saying that women should expect to orgasm if that's their end goal, it's not just for men! I don't alway get off during penetration, but it does happen far more so than not, and if I don't get off during the act and I'm in one of those moods where I need to, then he basically has no choice but to go down or give me some hand action or whatever, lol.

    For anyone who's never been able to finish during penetration, consider buying a vibrator that you can use while in the "backward cowgirl" position. As your facing away from your man put the vibrator against your clit (with lube of course) and squeeze your PC muscles (pelvic floor muscles) off and on in ten second intervals. This technique will work- scouts honor! Plus it will show you how to really engage your g spot against the penis (be sure to rub it against the head) and eventually you probably won't even need to use a vibrator during intercourse anymore.

    Also any man who demands oral but won't go down himself is an ass!
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    I didn't have many orgasms in my past. Stupidly I never demanded them, thinking I should please the guy.

    My current man is very unhappy about that, and he doesn't come before I feel satisfied, and it I don't get to climax, he doesn't finish on his own.

    I do understand what she says, but it's just impossible to climax every time, she must be very lucky.

    Masturbation does a good job at learning to know what works for each one of us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brah View Post
    I knew a woman who's partner refused to do oral (but asked for it all the same), and she insisted that she could orgasm from him hitting her cervix. I didn't believe a word of it.
    I believe the latter. Holy hell, is is cervical stimulation amazing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LaFolie View Post
    I know a woman my age who says she's never masturbated. Shiver
    Oh, that is so sad.
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