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Thread: New Brittany Murphy doc reveals details on death, con artist husband

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    Some Brittany Murphy was on cable just a few days ago. "Just Married" with Ashton Kutcher. I only watched the opening sequence and she had a hollowed-eyed look even back then (2003) that made me think she had some kind of drug or weight problem.

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    So I was in a movie with Brittany Murphy. The uber successful Megafault. I am in the red jacket in the first 10 minutes. Anyway, Brittany was ridiculously skinny. Like, gross. There's no other way to describe it. And Simon was a big greasy buffoon.
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    If you look at pics of her from the start of her career, it's like 2 different people. Extreme weight loss and plastic surgery.

    I don't know when she did this to her lips

    Really skinny and unhealthy looking

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