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Thread: New Book Exposes Ethel Kennedy as Poor Mother, Cheapskate and Racist

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    ^ She looks really cute in the above picture. Not that I ever thought she was cute, but damn I'll always remember her in that white dress in Honeymoon in Vegas. Banging bod is right. That dress fit her like a freakin' glove.

    These people don't give a fuck about YOU or us. It's a message board, for Christ's sake. ~ mrs.v ~
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    Wonder if this is a wig? Looks a bit Kathy Griffinish.

    Who lit the fuse on your tampon?

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    I saw JFK Jr and Carolyn at the Met when I was in NY the winter of 1998. He was gorgeous but she was the really beautiful one - I can't believe I'm saying this but you hardly noticed him because she was so radiant. Skinny but she had flawless skin and looked like some other-worldly elf child.

    My other JFK/CBK story is from when I was back in NY the following summer and I was flying home to Oz. The friend I was staying with in NY called my friend in Sydney who was picking me up from the airport and the first thing he said was "Did you hear about the plane crash?" and she freaked out thinking I'd died. Probably not the best conversation starter when your mutual friend is in the air mid-Pacific.
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    RFK Jr. on defense over damning tell-all of his personal life

    Robert F. Kennedy Jr. with his current wife, Cheryl Hines.

    Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has hit back against Jerry Oppenheimer’s explosive new book, “RFK Jr.: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and the Dark Side of the Dream,” posting an angry statement on his Web site calling it “fictional” and an “invention” days before it comes out.
    “This book, written by a National Enquirer reporter, is a fictional inventory of unsubstantiated rumors and outright invention,” RFK writes on the site.
    His rant continues, “Oppenheimer did not speak to me or any member of my family or any of my friends. The book is largely composed of unattributed quotes and scurrilous rumors cut-and-paste from the most unreliable frontiers of the Internet.”

    The St. Martin’s Press release includes stories exclusively reported by the New York Post, including RFK Jr.’s diaries, which detailed his mistresses that he marked up with the numbers 1 to 10 (with “10” meaning full sexual intercourse). It also covers Kennedy’s struggles with drug use, infidelity, Mary Richardson’s suicide and his marriage to “Curb Your Enthusiam” star Cheryl Hines.

    But Oppenheimer tells us, “Mr. Kennedy completely ignored my efforts to interview him. He’s lying when he says no attempt was ever made. E-mails to his office asking for interviews to discuss the myriad of controversial issues about him that had surfaced during my reporting — his drug use, his philandering, his three marriages, his expulsion from schools, his controversies as an environmentalist and an opponent of vaccines, and much, much more were blatantly ignored by him.”
    Oppenheimer says e-mails sent back from RFK Jr.’s team said, “As soon as he reviews [my request] I’ll get back to you,” and, “Mr. Kennedy is currently traveling. As soon as he ­reviews, I will get back to you.”

    “There is nothing fictional, nor is there anything unsubstantiated in the book,” Oppenheimer says, quipping, “This is just what he’s probably telling Cheryl.
    RFK Jr. on defense over damning tell-all of his personal life | Page Six
    See, Whores, we are good for something. Love, Florida

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