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Thread: Nadya Suleman and kids to star in new reality show

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    Not watching
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    I guess the state doesn't give a shit about the welfare of her kids.
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    Y'all gotta see what's on my friend Ruth's blog!!!

    Asshat Hollywood

    Here's the story of a crazy lady
    who already had too many freaking kids
    all of them hoped to be sold, to Angelina
    the youngest prayed for sids

    The lady's story, it got more shady
    When she wanted eight more kids of her own
    Her vagina became a clown car
    and America groaned

    Then the lady whored herself to tv fellows
    And some wackass (probably Fox) producer had a hunch,
    That a crew should document this family
    And then we'll call this trash tv the Octo bunch

    The Octo bunch, the Octo bunch
    Tune in, you'll be sure to lose your lunch!

    With Gloria Allred!

    And Dr. Phil as Sam the Butcher!

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    I will boycott any network that airs this bitch. I stopped watching channel 2 (the one with entertainment tonight) because I was sick to death of them interviewing her every 2 seconds. The only thing I want to see is the state taking those kids away and placing them into safe homes. Sadly, I don't think this will happen until one of them dies.

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    Nadya Suleman Zeroing in on Reality Show

    By Howard Breuer
    Originally posted Friday April 10, 2009 09:35 AM EDT
    Nadya Suleman Photo by: GSI Media

    Nadya Suleman will probably sign a deal very soon to feature her and her family of 14 children in a reality TV show, sources tell PEOPLE exclusively.

    Those close to Suleman say she and her attorney, Jeffery Czech, met over the past week with four production companies and are due to meet in the next few days with executives at an undisclosed network.

    Czech confirms that he and Suleman have conferred with producers to hear their ideas – and that although Suleman is tired of TV cameras and protective of her children's privacy, she also wants to ensure she has enough money to care for them without public assistance.

    Suleman has admittedly been on food stamps in the past, and told the Whittier Daily News this week that she was considering applying for federal WIC aid. Czech says Suleman doesn't have health insurance and that all medical costs associated with delivering the octuplets on Jan. 26 were funded by taxpayers through state Medi-Cal.

    "There's some decisions for her to make over the next few days. I think she's heard enough," Czech tells PEOPLE. "Like anyone else, she wants to be portrayed in a positive light and she feels she needs to do something to get her side out."

    TV Ideas

    He says the ideas they've heard are similar – producers want to follow the same pattern of other reality shows, with episodes chronicling such themes as Suleman learning to drive a 14-passenger van, going on a date or having a big family Thanksgiving or Christmas.

    He says that although a deal could be signed within the next couple of weeks, production would not start until the babies are a little older. So far, seven of the eight octuplets have come home, and Suleman goes to the hospital every day to visit Jonah, who at 4 lbs., 6 oz., is still too small to be released.

    "For the most part, the idea is generally to follow her and her family around when the babies get a little older," Czech says, adding that the amount of money Suleman would earn, and how long the show runs for, would depend upon the ratings.
    Nadya Suleman Zeroing in on Reality Show - TV News, Nadya Suleman :

    She's tired of people getting FREE photographs IMO.

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    SHUTUP!! Just Shuuuutup no way! They can't be serious who wants her? Just for 15 mins of fame they'll use her and her kids.

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    How does she have time to run around shopping and talking about tv shows? Oh, yeah. She doesn't actually look after any of these kids.

    I don't suppose it matters to this dumb cunt that it is crucial for her to be bonding with the preemies so they'll thrive and get stronger.

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