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Thread: Morrissey: Eating meat is the moral equivalent of pedophilia or Nazism

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    Novice, get singing lessons NOW! It's sinful to waste a God-given gift (no no, I haven't gone all religious since 2010, but I realise now we should all use our talents )

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    Quote Originally Posted by Novice View Post
    Haha! Thanks Kathy!

    Kris - I was gonna come back & say that I started piano lesson at about 5, and I never remember not reading (english) or reading music as well (I actually remember the day I learnt to read but not music), so if you are planning music lessons for your daughter I really recommend the "once she has learnt to read" route. If that helps?
    That does help, thanks. We're really thinking about starting her on piano lessons in about a year. Maybe we'll wait until she's 5 and can read. She loves the piano.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kathie_Moffett View Post
    What a cool story, Novice!!

    I love that song too. Stoned cat, kind of. Le meow, le meow. Great video! I loved the Smiths in high school, which was exactly then. Good, he was skinny and cute then. Love the hair and glasses.
    He was such a skinny little thing. He still looks pretty good to me, but what is he just about 55? Always my favorite Moz, with big hair.

    Ok. i need to step away from the fantardness
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    Haha! Even though I don't like Morrisey, I love your fantardness!!!

    My parents were told to wait until I could read, but we had a lot of music in the house (guitar, play harmonica, etc). So before it's anything serious encourage the love!
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