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Thread: Mo'Nique explains why she gives her husband 'a pass to cheat'

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    Quote Originally Posted by CornFlakegrl View Post
    Except 9 times out of the 10 the missing ingredient is "sex with someone other than you, " so that's awkward.
    Well yeah, but if it's something else, then they need to talk about it. Or maybe if the sex has gotten stale, talk about it & find ways to spice it up (aside from going outside the relationship). I had to do this with my husband recently. After 23 years, the sex had gotten predictable & perfunctory, & that was on both of us. We had some really good, open, honest discussions & honestly, the sex within the past month has been some of the best we've ever had. Communication is sexy,
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    She's the one with the money & she gives the husband a pass to cheat is maybe she wants to "cheat" too.

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    I think this is what she believes she has to put up with to keep this guy, who is no prize himself.

    Mo'Nique (or wherever the fuck that apostrophe is supposed to go) I say knock his dick in the dirt, take your kids, money and leave and let him see if he can find another sugar mama who will put up with that bullshit.

    Move to the south and you can eat whatever you want and still hook a guy better looking than this who will treat you miles better.
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