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Thread: Minnie Driver's baby name dilemma

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    In ur internetz. Gossipin'.


    ^^ Oh Lawdy!!!!!

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    pretending to be a lurker but I'm not quiet enough


    Quote Originally Posted by Just Kill Me View Post
    I hate her jaw line... it's like so odd to look at.

    Yea I hate her jawline, she's butt ugly IMO. (I know I know, that sounds harsh but I've just always hated her and I'm especially feeling hateful today!).

    If you think it's crazy, you ain't seen a thing. Just wait until we're goin down in flames.

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    ^Car And Driver

    This incorporates a middle name.

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    Slave Driver?
    Now logic is a wonderful thing but it has, as the processes of evolution discovered, certain drawbacks. Anything that thinks logically can be fooled by something else which thinks at least as logically as it does. - Douglas Adams

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