I think she looks cute, not fantastic, but cute.
If it was tailored more for her body shape, and steamed (wrinkles are never a good look on anyone), it probably would have photographed better.
The top is too snug at her mid-section, and the shorts are too large/puffy for her bottom half, yet it looks like the hem of her shorts were taken in a tad.

On a clothing boutique site, the top was paired with shorts that were a different cut/shape.
The shorts looks as though they are made to hang/look similar to an a-line skirt.

Photo Source (not an intended advertisement): theoutnet.com

Either way, I think Mindy is a great writer and an overall funny, cool chick.
The industry has always been cunty about woman's bodies and unfortunately, I don't think it's going to change anytime soon. If Mindy chooses to comment publicly about this, I think she will handle it in her usual smart/funny/classy way.