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Thread: Mila Kunis refuses to discuss Ashton Kutcher in Allure Magazine

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    Quote Originally Posted by czb View Post
    ^^^ but has mila flaunted her relationship? it seems like she has been relatively low-key. i think her response was valid.
    no, she hasn't. she's always been super private.
    Quote Originally Posted by rollo View Post
    She has mostly been papped unawares with Ashton and neither of them make any effort to dress up. Considering he is still married to Demi (who is obviously fragile) she's doing the right thing.
    Quote Originally Posted by kersalli View Post
    I don't get her comment about being single for 4 years. She started dating Ashton in 2012 and was still with Macauley in mid-2009 for Michael Jackson's funeral (last time I can remember seeing them together). I thought she broke up with Macauley in 2011?
    she & macauley were on and off for a couple years. maybe she's counting the in-between times when they had broken up?
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    I really like Mila but this Kutcher stench is off putting. I hope she ditches his ass soon.
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