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Thread: Michael Phelps involved in accident...

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    I agree Diva. I do not believe the cops would have turnd an eye to it if he was under the influence. I think they would think especially because of who he is they would have taken every measure if they had any suspicion as would the other driver.
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    Quote Originally Posted by *DIVA! View Post
    Just keep them in mind...
    Quote Originally Posted by sluce View Post
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    I don't buy the account that Michael K got either....

    If Phelps hit a parked car, then the 'driver' of the other vehicle was sitting in that non moving/parked car then? And I am sure, given his history, that the police did the right thing and checked for booze/weed.

    And as for the writers claims that Phelps was acting drunk and stumbling around---well gee, that sometimes happen when you HIT something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingcap72 View Post
    If there was weed involved, he's screwed...again.
    pretty much thought the same thing. I hope pot wasn't involved with this accident.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LynnieD View Post
    If Phelps hit a parked car, then the 'driver' of the other vehicle was sitting in that non moving/parked car then?
    I could see someone hitting a parked car as the result of a collision with another moving vehicle. It happens if there's enough velocity. Or perhaps if someone swerved to avoid hitting someone else. It said somewhere that one of the parties ran a red light.
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    Phelps receives citation, but other driver ran the red light.

    Baltimore police say they'll cite Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps for driving without a license and failure to establish residency in Maryland following a car accident.

    "Michael Phelps was the only person who went to her and asked how she was; opened the passenger door, leaned in. He was the only attentive person. Everyone else was taking pictures with their cell phone," said Joe Holland a witness to the accident.

    Baltimore City's police report cites the other driver, Amanda Virkus, with failure to obey a traffic signal resulting in an accident. The penalty she could face is a $180 dollar fine and 3 points on her license.

    Virkus was going north on Calvert Street when police say she ran the red light. Police are relying on one witness testimony of a woman who, they say, did not know yet that Michael Phelps was involed in the accident.

    The Olympian who will be cited for driving with a non-valid Michigan license and for never establishing Maryland residency faces a $40 dollar fine.

    "I realize that Mr. Phelps travels a lot, has a very busy schedule. He's been overseas a lot. It could be an oversight, but, it's something he'll have to address with the court," said Anthony Guglielmi, chief Baltimore Police spokesman.

    Phelps' statement says he had left Penn Station; he had one beer two hours before the accident which is something police had to rule out.

    "There's a process, Kelly, as far as how much alcohol you consume, how much food you have during that process, what the officers were looking for when they took his witness statement was his behavior; were his eyes glossy? Was his speak slurred?," added Guglielmi.

    The 28-year-old's Facebook page says she's from Montgomery County, but works in the Mount Vernon neighborhood.

    People who live around in the area see red-light violators often.

    "Whenever I'm walking or driving I know to wait for the light to be green for five seconds because I know they're going to run it," said Heather Day, a Mount Vernon neighbor.

    The DMV in Michigan said the license was not valid.

    Phelps will have to appear in front of a judge for that penalty.

    Virkus was released from Shock Trauma Thursday night.

    No court date has been set for Phelps' license citation.

    Phelps Cited In Accident, Other Driver To Blame -
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