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Thread: Michael Jackson dies at age 50 from cardiac arrest

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    Quote Originally Posted by twitchy2.0 View Post
    Really dead? Man, he'd do anything to get out of having to do that tour.
    I hope they didn't pay him in advance.
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    In response to the story on him being rushed to hospital, a Farker said, "Is it a children's hospital?"

    As Canadian as possible under the circumstances


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    Quote Originally Posted by Kittylady View Post
    Some people are saying his is, but that is just in comments sections on blogs. Call me a cynical bitch, but I'd want to see the body and proof that it was him (if he has actually died) just to make sure that it wasn't a scam to get out of facing his huge debts and make big money for his estate through a frenzied revival of his back catalogue and merchandising.
    I'm not sure but I think he still owns the Beatle's catalogue? He could have wiped out all his debts had he relented and sold it back to Paul McCartney way back when.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cali View Post
    ohh shit:
    Michael Jackson Dies

    Posted Jun 25th 2009 5:20PM by TMZ Staff
    We've just learned Michael Jackson has died. He was 50.

    Michael suffered a cardiac arrest earlier this afternoon and paramedics were unable to revive him. We're told when paramedics arrived Jackson had no pulse and they never got a pulse back.

    Michael is survived by three children: Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr., Paris Michael Katherine Jackson and Prince "Blanket" Michael Jackson II.

    Jackson had 13 number one hits during his solo career.

    Story developing...
    Ah well.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rondette View Post
    I'm sorry but this is sad, aside from the paedoing he made some great music. One of the makers of the Eighties in music and fashion.

    What a legacy.

    Serious bit over....

    Now, on with the amusing jokes

    Yes, once upon a time he really was the greatest pop star in the world. Thriller can never be topped.

    Now only if he didn't rape little boys...
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    Wonder if Debbie will get the kids? Who gets Blanket?
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    First Farrah then Micheal Jackson, what a crazy and sombering day. D:

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    i wonder what his tacky coffin will look like

    i bet he gets some kind of royal procession
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    Quote Originally Posted by A*O View Post
    Explosion in dove sales.
    Wait- seriously? Or did you just add that in a stroke of brilliance?

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    Quote Originally Posted by twitchy2.0 View Post
    In response to the story on him being rushed to hospital, a Farker said, "Is it a children's hospital?"

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    Well, blow me dry and call me "Dusty"! I can hardly believe that Michael Jackson is dead.

    It happened so suddenly.

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    No freakin way!!!!!

    It's gotta be a gold coffin with Liza Minelli riding atop it performing Thriller and other MJ hits.
    I smile because I have no idea what's going on

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    Elizabeth Taylor is next. Watch.

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    Off Topic: Rondette, where in the UK are you? It's gone really still in the air and muggy here, so I'm just wondering if the storms are heading my way (I'm in the Northwest) as I always seem to lose my net connection and I don't want to miss any of this.

    On Topic: I don't know how I feel with regards to his kids if this is true. Part of me feels sorry for them for losing a parent, no matter how deranged, but then again, part of me hopes that they will be able to start towards a more "normal" life now instead of living on Michael's crazy train.

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    None of the news networks have confirmed his death yet.

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    Inappropriate headline

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    Page last updated at 20:21 GMT, Thursday, 5 March 2009
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    'Final curtain call' for Jackson

    Fans cheer Michael Jackson at the 02 arena

    By Ian Youngs
    Music reporter, BBC News

    Michael Jackson's series of 10 concerts at London's O2 arena in July will be "the final curtain call", he has said.
    He told fans at the venue: "This is it. I just want to say that these will be my final show performances in London."
    The pop superstar, 50, may take the show around the world - but that would be his last tour, his promoter said.
    The star made a five-minute appearance in front of hundreds of screaming fans to announce the 10 London dates, which will earn him more than $50m (35m).
    His first words to fans were: "I love you so much.

    I'll be performing the songs my fans want to hear - this is the final curtain call

    Michael Jackson

    Is the King of Pop still a thriller?

    "This will be it. When I say this is it, it really means this is it," he added.
    "I'll be performing the songs my fans want to hear. This is the final curtain call."
    The first concert at the 20,000-capacity venue will be on 8 July, with tickets costing between 50 and 75. They go on general sale on 13 March.
    The star will put on a "big budget, grand, highly technical, incredible show", according to Randy Phillips, chief executive of promoter AEG Live.
    "Michael Jackson is a perfectionist so it's going to be amazing," Mr Phillips told BBC News. "He'll try a lot of new things."
    Asked whether the London dates would be his last ever performances, Mr Phillips replied: "These will be the last shows in London.

    Michael Jackson arrived an hour and a half late, but fans did not mind

    "Whether he will go on from here around the world... this will be his last tour. All he's agreed to are the London shows at this point."
    The star was "in great shape" for the dates, he said.
    "He's passed an extensive four-hour physical with independent third party doctors selected by the insurance carriers. He's in incredible health."
    Mr Phillips added that AEG had a "broader relationship" with Jackson, which could involve a new 3D film based on Thriller as well as future concerts.
    The three-and-a-half year plan could earn Jackson more than $400m (283m), he predicted.
    The singer had been due to appear at the O2 at 1600 GMT, but he only left his central London hotel at that time and arrived an hour and a half late for the announcement.
    Several hundred fans waited at the O2 to see him, and said they were not disappointed by his brief appearance.

    I actually went very hysterical - I was standing next to a lookalike and a guy who has the moonwalk world record

    Fiona Hetherington
    Michael Jackson fan

    Peter Scott from London said: "It was brilliant, awesome, seeing the man in the flesh again. He looked in fine shape, looked fit, I reckon he can handle the 10 [shows].
    "And they're going to put on more concerts, definitely. Ten isn't enough."
    Mr Scott said he would come to "as many as possible", adding it was the "credit crunch - but I'll find a way, somehow".
    And he did not believe Jackson would really retire from the stage.
    "Never say never," he said. "The man can always change his mind. When he sees the demand, he's going to have to perform next year and the year after that for eternity."

    Michael Jackson was introduced by TV host Dermot O'Leary

    Another fan, Fiona Hetherington, 37, from Ewell in Surrey, said the experience of Jackson's announcement was "was pretty surreal".
    "It was amazing to see him," she said. "Very few words. A man of few words, but amazing.
    "I actually went very hysterical. I was standing next to a lookalike and a guy who has the moonwalk world record."
    The singer "looked really, really well", she added. "And I can't wait to see him in July."
    Some wore T-shirts bearing his image, while others clutched memorabilia.
    The O2 is the venue where Prince played for 21 nights in 2007, and where Britney Spears is performing for eight nights in June.
    Jackson last toured 12 years ago. In 2006, he performed at the World Music Awards in London, but disappointed fans by singing just a few lines of We Are The World.
    Stories about personal, health and financial problems have circulated in recent years. He was cleared of child abuse after a four-month trial in 2005.

    Yes, once upon a time he really was the greatest pop star in the world. Thriller can never be topped.

    Now only if he didn't rape little boys...


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