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Thread: Michael Douglas Biggest Regret: "I wish I'd divorced my first wife sooner"

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    Where has Michael blamed her for all of their son's problems? I have him seen take a lot of the blame on himself.
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    I haven't seen either one of them lay the blame on the other one. I think they each feel somewhat repsonsible - as most parents of kids with issues do. In the end, Cameron is a grown man and HE is responsible.
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    Not the star treatment he's used to! Michael Douglas gets frisked by airport security as he jets out of LA with children Dylan and Carys

    PUBLISHED: 00:05, 18 August 2013 | UPDATED: 03:40, 18 August 2013

    You're never too rich or too famous to receive a pat down by the TSA as two-time Academy Award winner Michael Douglas proved on Friday.
    The 68-year-old actor was frisked by an officer as he and his two children with wife Catherine Zeta Jones passed through security at LAX.
    Michael and kids Dylan, 13, and Carys, ten, flew out from Los Angeles on a flight to Frankfurt in Germany.

    We're on our way: Michael with son Dylan and daughter Carys arrive at the airport to take a flight to Frankfurt in Germany

    Dressed casually for the trip, the Wall Street actor - who recently won plaudits for his portrayal of Liberace in Behind the Candelabra - wore comfortable, blue trousers, a cream sweater and blue sneakers.
    The two youngsters both wore shorts and T-shirts.
    Pretty Carys, who has clearly inherited her mother's beauty, clutched a cuddly toy polar bear and a cute stuffed giraffe while his older brother Dylan carried a red holdall.

    Watch where you're putting your hands: Michael does not look like he's enjoying the pat-down

    But as the family reached security, Michael was pulled to one side for a frisk by an agent named Ramos.
    Michael looked less than pleased about the search with a stern expression on his face as he obligingly held his arms outstretched.
    He was quickly on his way however.

    Down to earth: The Douglas family even carry their own bags despite their fame

    There was no sign of his second wife Catherine on the family trip. The pair - who were introduced by Danny DeVito - will celebrate their 13th wedding anniversary in November.
    The couple have helped each other through some tough times in the last couple of years.
    Michael has fought throat cancer while Catherine received treatment for bi-polar disorder.
    Their son Dylan suffers from learning difficulties, believed to be autism.

    High profile: Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones are amongst the most powerful couple in showbiz

    Read more: Michael Douglas gets frisked by airport security as he jets out of LA with children Dylan and Carys | Mail Online

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