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Thread: Meghan Markle Is Pregnant, Expecting Baby with Prince Harry

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    Quote Originally Posted by rollo View Post
    ^ Because there's no 'display' at Nottingham Cottage. It's protected by security 24/7 and it's on a convenient London base which all senior royals use for their work and leisure. The 21 room apartment next to William and Kate is now going to be turned into reception rooms for visiting dignitaries and offices so it can't be what was thought to be the new family home for Harry and Meghan. It's the politics of that which is the issue. Does anyone really believe that Meghan is a country girl and they are just a regular young couple looking for freedom? They are working royals and that's what Meghan signed up for. No other free rooms in London have apparently been offered to them although I suspect they will keep Nottingham Cottage or have something similar because they'll need it.
    They’re still human beings with the same basic needs as other human beings though. They certainly aren’t about to have pure “freedom,” as you put it, but still, a little feeling of autonomy and independence is basic. I don’t need to believe Meghan is a “country girl,” as a few groomed acres with large houses on it is not the same as roughing it, they are not truly isolated there, and for all I know she might like it very much. Many people do.
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    Most royals have at least 2 or more residences, usually one in London and one in the country. I highly doubt H&M will give up a London base at Kensington Palace completely. This is a media beatup because H&M haven’t done anything to annoy them recently.
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    Meghan's bodyguard to quit after just six months in the job - weeks after her PA walked out - as protection officers 'find the Duchess's wish to be "one of the people" challenging'

    • The top police officer was the first ever woman to hold a key security role protecting the Royal Family
    • Meghan feels a 'massive constraining force' due to security measures since she married Prince Harry
    • The departure comes after Meghan's personal assistant also quit her position just six months into role
    • Resignation comes amid speculation that private secretary is set to leave after 17 years with Windsors

    PUBLISHED: 08:50, 13 January 2019 | UPDATED: 10:20, 13 January 2019

    A top female police officer is leaving her job as chief protection officer to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.
    The highly regarded inspector was the first woman to have held such a key role in keeping members of the Royal Family safe.
    She played a critical role in whisking Meghan away from a crowded market in Fiji following security concerns.
    But last night, after about only six months in the position, it was reported that she is resigning from Scotland Yard.



    The bodyguard (pictured, left, protecting Meghan in Fiji and, right, in Sydney) has quit her position amid claims Meghan finds the security measures constraining


    The top police officer (pictured in Sydney accompanying Meghan on her tour of Australia) was the first female key security officer for the Royals



    The bodyguard (left, and, right, at Bondi Beach) has resigned following the departure of Meghan's personal assistant

    It comes after the recent departure of Meghan’s personal assistant Melissa Touabti, and amid speculation that private secretary Samantha Cohen will soon leave after 17 years working for the Royal Family.
    Last night, sources said that the inspector, who is not being named, is leaving the Metropolitan Police. Insiders say that although she had not clashed with Meghan, it has been challenging for personal protection officers to accommodate her wish to be seen as ‘one of the people’.
    One source said: ‘Unlike someone who has grown up in the Royal Family and has been used to having close protection from an early age, it can be constraining. Even though [Meghan] was a famous actress, she could still do what she wanted in the way of getting around freely.

    ‘But in her current role she can’t go anywhere without her protection team, and that’s a massive constraining force on an individual like her.’
    The female chief protection officer, whose departure was reported in The Sunday Times, took over from Sergeant Bill Renshaw, who had been Prince Harry’s head of security and retired last year after more than 30 years in policing.
    She first came to public prominence during the young Royal couple’s tour of Australia last October, where she was photographed wearing heels while she kept a watchful eye over the pregnant Duchess.
    And the blonde inspector stepped in during their visit to Fiji when huge crowds turned out to greet Meghan on a solo visit to a market.



    The top police officer (pictured, left, during Harry and Meghan's trip to Australia) has ditched the job amid claims that Meghan (right) made things challenging by wanted to be 'one of the people'

    The protection officer was seen taking the Duchess to safety shortly after Meghan whispered something in an aide’s ear.
    In one photo the police officer raised her hand to clear the way, and in another she appeared to be scanning the scene for potential threats.
    It is thought that the Metropolitan Police’s Royalty and Specialist Protection branch may try to find another woman to replace the departing inspector.
    Both the Duchess of Cornwall and the Duchess of Cambridge have female protection officers on their teams.
    Last night, the Metropolitan Police and Kensington Palace declined to comment.
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    Meghan Markle Reveals Due Date During Latest Royal Visit with Prince Harry!

    Meghan, Duchess of Sussex (aka Meghan Markle) and Prince Harry paid a visit to Birkenhead, England today!

    The royal couple, who are expecting their first child together in a few months, visited a Feeding Birkenhead supermarket and community cafe. If you don’t know, Feeding Birkenhead is a coalition of organizations working together to fight hunger. The couple also visited the town hall in the area.
    While visiting the town, Duchess Meghan actually told well-wishers her due date!

    According to royal reporter Chris Ship, “Meghan told one lady in the crowd that she is 6 months pregnant and another woman that her due date is around April.”

    Celebrity Gossip and Entertainment News | Just Jared

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    Oh good god, it's not going to fall off!!!!
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    Why the slit in the dress?To reveal provocatively one of the ugliest goat knees ever????
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    Omg...fucking stop with the cupping already. If her hand isn't on her belly, it's on Harry. Just stop.
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    Quote Originally Posted by effie2 View Post
    Why the slit in the dress?To reveal provocatively one of the ugliest goat knees ever????
    Slit is OK, the original dress had a higher slit. I wonder if this is a bespoke in order to fit. It's tight , but still better fitted than a non-maternity dress and the waist also seem higher.
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    She looks like a young red hat lady.

    Is that still a thing? I learned about it in 2005 on a cruise where I thought one old lady was just senile wearing a sequined red beret.

    I think the whole cupping thing looks unnatural because she's doing the under side of her belly. When I was pregnant I certainly rested my hand on my belly, but usually more the middle or top side, not underneath. Whatever, I can't hate on her for it even if it looks awkward. It might be a protective thing since I'm sure she's being yelled at left and right by looky-loos.
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    Ohh, the dress looks even better with the boots. I wonder if the royals can wear flats to engagements? I can't imaging being pregnant and still wearing 3 inch heels

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    That’s a great coat and I don’t usually like red clothes. Awesome bag too. Kate should take note, But I think she’ll probably be buried in her old lady a line coats and stupid clutches.
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    I love this outfit - the color choices are so bright and fresh - taking a tip from the Queen, perhaps?

    The cupping is annoying, but, whatever.

    As for the security, I imagine it is tough to protect someone who just wades into crowds, but the exit strategy in Fiji was heavily criticized, and pretty sloppy, so this woman may be smarting a bit as she was in charge of the strategy and its execution. Not everything is the fault of Meghan, Circe of the Sceptred Isle.

    She's not this Cersei, either, although I'd pay big, big, money to see Meghan cut off her hair and waltz out onto the Palace balcony like this...

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    i like the color combo. fresh and different.

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    i hate the color combo.
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    can't post pics because my computer's broken and i'm stupid

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