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Thread: Meet Bethenny Frankelís New Baby Bryn!

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    I'm not sure what is going on with Kelly, she's been like this from the beginning - either she has a massive drug dependency or a chemical imbalance, but girl is legitimately insane. I think she honestly believes all of her paranoid delusions, all she ever does (on Twitter or on the show) is talk about how everyone is out to get her. I saw about a three minute clip on Bravo which was a preview for next week - her, Luann, and Jill meet up. Not even THEY believe her story about what happened in St. John, they keep looking at each other like "what?" Luann was pissy that she called Bethenny a hobag, and then Kelly straight up LIED about how Bethenny was bragging about how she went to the media about her family and how she would do it again, and that's why she flipped her lid. Did she not realize these broads would actually watch what went down? It was at that point you can see everyone squirming uncomfortably because NO ONE believes what she's saying. It's funny because they do a 180 and actually start defending Bethenny.

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    Did anyone see her on the Joy Behar show?

    I actually like her, but she was beyond annoying, what a twit. She was on because she lost 29lbs 3 weeks after the baby was born.
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    I don't have Bravo but I watched the Reunion shows on OnDemand and Kelly has something not quite right with her. She thinks everyone is either not qualified to speak to her or is out to get her, that's a tad out there.
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