To all the people who are saying it was only Heath's fault & that there's no excuse for drug abuse, while i can definitely see your point, i would just like to say: Sometimes life is just TOO PAINFUL, and some people will do ANYTHING to ease that terrible pain; to take them, even momentarily, out of the horrible, unbearable black hole that they are in. Mental pain can be SO BAD, that some people would jump at an escape from it for even a few minutes. Most drug addicts are not doing drugs for fun. They hate being drug addicts, but doing the drugs keep excruciating pain away. I've been there, and i know that i am not a bad person. I feel for Heath; i really do...I think he was in tremendous pain & had demons he just could not overcome, just like myself...I could have ended up right where he is, so many times. I cry when i think of him alone in that apartment in bed, taking drug after drug, trying in desperation to kill the pain inside his head. My two cents.