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Thread: Mariah Carey to squirt out some doughy, neurotic babies soon

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    Quote Originally Posted by crumpet View Post
    How can anyone compare Fed Ex and Britney to Mariah/Nick? Kevin had NOTHING when he married Britney, and was using her to get a rap career. While Nick has starred in movies since 2002, can make his own deals and get them with MTV (his improv show that has had 4 sucessful seasons and possibly more) and is signed to a record label and put out at least 2 completed albums all BEFORE meeting MC.

    I don't think you can compare Jwhore to Mariah either. JLO even admitted in a article she DIDNT love Chris Judd, she only married him to get over Diddy and keep him away. I don't think she loves Marc either. I bet they barely have sex. (I bet the only ones she loved were Diddy and Ben)

    Ummmm....I can compare them because each is a case of a very famous, megastar woman who is a household name who married lesser known men that most people haven't heard of and who aren't even remotely close to them in terms of wealth. Is that clearer?
    So they the fact he has a job and does stuff on his own is meanilines is because he ISNT in her tax bracket? Well then Jada Pinkett needs to get her ass away from Will Smith, Ciara better stay away from 50 cent. Beyonce needs to call her marriage a wash, since Joe Camel got money she will NEVER have. Catherine Zeta Jones was oh so wrong for marrying Michael Douglas because she dosent have his money. Owen needs to leave Kate Hudson alone, since I'm sure she has more cash then him, due to her family alone. Scarlett Johannson may be pulling in more then Ryan Reynolds so he should be kicked to the curb. Right? Hey if its right for ONE couple then the ones with the
    same circumstances be that man or woman shouldnt be together. Oh lets not forget JLO and Marc, she is miles richer then him. So did I get it right? Or were u talking about WOMAN only? If there rich and even if the guy has a job making money its wrong, because he dosent have her kind? Or do u feel this way about all couples? I just want to be clear. One more. Ashton wasnt bringing in that house more money then Demi Moore has made in her entire career. Forgot something else, Julia Roberts NEVER should married her camera man husband. I mean come on! Forget he was making a decent living, he wasnt pulling in her BUCKS!!!!!!

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    ^^^^Let's try this again, because apprently you left out the part where I specifically was referring to women who are more famous/wealthy/powerful in their fields than the men they marry and how those women often need to placate to save their man's ego since men, moreso than women, have ego issues when it comes to being outshined/outearned by their wives. This is especially the case in show business where egos run wild anyway.

    How the hell did you miss that when it was right at the beginning of my original post?

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