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Thread: Madonna sleeps with her BlackBerry

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    i started sleeping with my cell in my bed when i was in the dorms in college... my then boyfriend would call me when he got off work at 2am so i had it set to vibrate so it wouldn't wake everyone up. it's a habit that stuck after 5 years. now i don't have a night stand (room is too damn small) so my blackberry is charging in the bed with me and is my alarm clock as well...
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    Madonna sleeps with her BlackBerry

    ...then publishes a graphic book about it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sparkly View Post
    Why does she think the whole damn world gives a shit about this?
    she said that to a magazine, in an interview, not to the whole fucking world. Which you can choose to buy, or not. It's actually not that complicated.

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    The singer, who turns 50 this year, also rubbished claims she wants to move back to the US
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    Isnt there a danger in having your mobile so close to your brain for so long? Even if you arent on a call? I dont even have a digital clock in my bedroom. I dont want any radioactivity going on when Im asleep. Nothing is proven, but Im not taking any chances.
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