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Thread: Love 'em or hate 'em: the Harry & Meghan megathread (Biddies v. Narcs edition)

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    I wear my wedding ring above my engagement ring because the engagement ring is a bit loose and the wedding ring holds it in place. Kind of weird because they're a set and should fit the same, but they don't.
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    I think nicki is right. Wedding ring closer to your heart.
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    Wedding ring goes under engagement ring.
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    Most weddings I've been to, the bride wears her engagement ring on the right hand so the left hand is free for the wedding band, then after the ceremony the engagement ring goes on top of that.
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    In eastern Europe the wedding band is worn on the right hand.
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    Until very recently (6 months or so) I always wore my band over my engagement ring, I thought since the wedding came after thats where you wore it.

    I learned about the closer to your heart thing while reading a post on Reddit, lol. So I switched.

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    I don't even have an engagement ring....
    We just wanted some information about legal things to consider and the clerk just gave us a date. We let her and bought bands for the wedding. I was all "steel is enough" but ended up with Paladium and a little diamond set into it. Only ring I ever owned that costed more than 20 Euros. Not very fancy, but at 50, I felt more would be too much.
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    I'm usually using my hands for things that are not kind to rings, so I wear mine rarely. When I do, screw the 'rules.' I'll wear them however I want to.
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    I was the same when I was married ^^ I even wore them on a necklace for awhile.
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