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Thread: Lindsay Lohan 'spits in a guy's face' during racist rant in New York bar

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    Exclusive CCTV footage of the victim immediately following the spitting incident.

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    ^Ahahaha! I swear I was just about to ask if his face melted off.
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    Quote Originally Posted by faithanne View Post
    I'm disappointed there's no mug shot. Why didn't the cops arrest them?
    I know right?!?!!
    Quote Originally Posted by funky_chicken View Post
    Come on now, someone HAD to film that! I know I would have.
    Hopefully they were too fucked up to delete it when they stole the phone that was filming it!!!

    *waits for YouTube*

    Aw crap! You know that they're shopping that shit around to TMZ/Daily Fail/etc.

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    Lindsay Lohan 'spits in a guy's face' during racist rant in New York bar
    Of course she did.

    The only thing that surprises me about this story is the fact that she wasn't in LA, begging and sneaking her way into the Globe's after-parties...
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