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Thread: Lindsay Lohan snubs director because he was "too old"

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    Isn't Jared Leto 35? Hasn't she dated a fair number of men over 35?

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    ^She sure has. But the difference is that she thought these men would catapult her career in some way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sojiita View Post
    shit I agree with everyone..this bitch LOOKS thirty five so what is she bitching about? Filthy dirty whore LaCoCaHoHan should just fuck off.
    i think you're being quite generous on the thirty-five to be honest. I thought it was her straw bleached hair that was making her look considerably older but even since she's gone brunette again, she still looks early 40's to me. I'm late thirties and I reckon she could pass for my older sister. The dumb bitch probably didn't realise who it was and screwed her last remaining chance of a film role this year. She'll have to do more tacky photo shoots instead - can't wait

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    And to think I was going to have the pleasure of watching her being tortured & possibly disemboweled on screen. Damn Damn Damn!!!!! Come on Eli, don't take it personal (just use real knives).

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