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You know what really bugs me, is when I would read, well she shouldn't have had nude photos on her phone! I kept seeing that in response after response, it's just so depressing. These are on NBC news websites and other mainstream ones, not just TMZ. I just don't get the argument. What is it about nude photos of women where it's your fault if you're hacked but people would be outraged if they posted your credit card info from your phone or posted pics of your kids on a random website? It's especially depressing that so many of those responses I read came from women.
I totally agree. And it really is a big "prude brigade" thing. There are ALL KINDS of personal things you could have on your phone that could really mess you up if someone got access to it and exploited it. Birth dates, passwords to your bank account, credit card info, etc. Someone said that a nude photo being accessed is like a "bell you can't unring" and that you can get your credit card changed, etc.

First of all, someone accessing a nude photo is embarrassing - as countless other celebrities have proven. But it's just embarrassing, and you can go on with your life. But this other personal data getting access can make you miserable for freaking years and be an existential problem in terms of finances, accounts, etc. People need to get off their high horses and look at the big picture.