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Thread: Leonardo DiCaprio was "all over" 30-year-old Laura Whitmore after the BAFTAs

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    Quote Originally Posted by nwgirl View Post
    I actually love this. This....bachelor lifestyle, out in the open, is so much better than getting married and getting caught doing 20 year olds on the side. If I were hot, rich and successful I'd be getting all the young, hot ass I could too.
    As much as I loathe the balloon headed smugster, I'd be doing exactly the same thing too. It's a far more honest, less harmful lifestyle (unless taken to the Sheen extreme) than that the rest of the sad old fucks hide behind.
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    Yeah, this is a tactic George Clooney used every award season. I'm sure Ma Dicaprio will be his date this year as well.

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    I don't get why all these girls are falling all over him trying to get his attention. He's gross made all the worse by his desperation for an Oscar.
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    You don't get why a multi-millionaire should be attractive to women? *scratches head*
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