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Thread: 'The Last Movie Star' George Clooney considers dying the grey out of his hair

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    No!!!!!! If I cannot dye my damn goatee anymore cause of allergies..then he needs to keep the damn gray! fucker
    Don't slap me, cause I'm not in the mood!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GaPeach View Post
    JMO's -

    Darfur, a kid reached for his hand and he pulled back like a true germophobe. He speaks about his charity work like charity. Perhaps he's doing charity work for the wrong reason.

    His head is shaped like a banana.

    He is not Cary Grant

    He's been stuck in his midlife crisis his entire life, he goes through women like toilet paper

    Dye your hair but dude it ain't gonna help your acting none
    It IS!!!!

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