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Thread: Lance Armstrong wants forgiveness for doping scandal: ‘I won those races’

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    Quote Originally Posted by laynes View Post
    If anyone is really that interested, the documentary "The Armstrong Lie" is excellent.

    It's hard to watch because he is a huge dick bag. But again, like I said..I'm sort of a Lance apologist. Mainly because I know firsthand how grueling this sport can be. (and I only race once day events. The TDF is 3 weeks!) You can argue that drugs made him win...but the fact is that before he was doping he was one of the hardest working and best cyclists out there. A natural, at 16 he was beating grown men in triathlons. He had more money and better access which was already an advantage..but that wasn't good enough so he resorted to drugs and blood transfusions. Which is insane considering he almost didn't survive cancer.

    I agree, he should just shut up for a while. No one feels sorry for him and as Shinola mentioned, there are many cyclists who didn't dope or who don't dope who will be tainted by these recent scandals. And that's a real shame.
    I just actually watched this documentary with my husband a couple of nights ago. Armstrong comes across as nothing more than a narcissistic asshole. It was an excellent documentary.

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    Armstrong is a lifelong douchebag and a cheat and he needs to stop whining and STFU. No excuses play well with me on this subject. I don't care who ELSE is doping or wtfe. Cheating is still cheating. I don't care what idiot audiences want. Cheating, yup, still cheating. And then he has attitude about it! Ugh. He always has been, clearly is, and presumably always will be a complete jerk in basically every aspect of his life. Shut. The. Fuck. Up. asshole. Bugger OFF.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Novice View Post
    ... and Roman Polanski is still making films..... etc etc etc...

    He wasn't rally on my radar, but it was dumping SC when she had breast cancer for me.
    He is a douchebag, but she was diagnosed with breast cancer After they broke up.
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    Maybe we have been a little harsh on him...

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