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Thread: "LadyG", oh my!

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    I don't think you can enforce an NDA for illegal activity (prostitution) assuming the activity took place where it is illegal. Graham pivoting to DJT makes the same kind of cynical sense that other Republicans did it -- the party was basically taken over by DJT and the only way to avoid being primaried was to either kowtow to him or not run for reelection. Check the number of Republicans who didn't run again who have not endorse DJT.

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    ^ Yep, it's the Trump party now, either toe the line or GTFO. It's disgusting, but that's the reality.
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    I really don't get the big deal. Jesus himself would not be surprised by this news.
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    Quote Originally Posted by louiswinthorpe111 View Post
    I really don't get the big deal. Jesus himself would not be surprised by this news.
    No one would care if LG had not been such an asshole toward the gay community and other minorities. He is a bible thumping jerk and a hypocrite and it's great he is being exposed as such.
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