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Thread: L. Ron Hubbard's divorce document-he had an affair!

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    Sheesh, no thanks.. not just CoS but any group .. I'm just not into any group period.

    I think Nicolas Sarkozy (yeah don't laugh, there's another shocking confession from me) is hot too, but I'm not going to move to France

    To clarify I thought Dianetics would be hella more wacky, but it's not. It's quite sensible so far. I was expecting something different.
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    Quote Originally Posted by VenusInFauxFurs View Post
    Well that's just all kinds of shifty. Didn't one son kill himself? LRH believed he was the anti-christ? Bloody hell, that's beyond wacky.

    The abortion thing, wow.. just wow. I bet that kid hates his dad. Is he still alive?

    The weird thing is Dianetics isn't actually bad, it makes a lot of sense to me. I'm reading it at the moment actually. I've always made jokes about it, but I thought meh, suck it up and actually read the damned thing. It's better than I expected.
    I heard Dianetics actually has some good points to it, and that L. Ron had no idea that people would start sending him donations to keep him going. It was supposed to be some sort of health book (if I remember correctly), and then he started the "religion" from his love of sci-fi. I don't know if his son is still alive, but he would be in his eighties now I think.

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    Hubbard told plaintiff at the Chateau Marmont Apartments in
    Hollywood, that "I do not want to be an American husband for I
    can buy my friends whenever I want them", and he further said
    that he, Hubbard, did not want to be married, yet divorce was
    impossible, for a divorce would hurt his reputation, and that
    she, plaintiff, should kill herself if she really loved him.
    Hubbard systematically prevented plaintiff from sleeping continuously for a period
    of over four days, and then in her agony, furnished her with a
    supply of sleeping pills, all resulting in a nearness to the
    shadow of death.
    (d) That at said time and place, plaintiff became numb
    and lost consciousness, and was thereafter taken by said Hubbard to
    the Hollywood Leland Hospital, where she was kept under a vigilant
    guard from friend and family under an assumed name, for five
    (e) That shortly following Christmas, 1950, said Hubbard
    - 4 -
    violently strangled plaintiff and sadistically ruptured the
    eustachian tube of her left ear, resulting in the impairment of
    her hearing. That such strangulation of plaintiff was a frequent
    practice on the part of said Hubbard
    (f) That in January, 1951, at Palm Springs, while
    plaintiff was getting out of an automobile operated by said Hubbard
    he intentionally started the said car in gear, thus propelling
    plaintiff to the pavement resulting in serious personal injury
    (h) That at 11;00 o'clock P.M., on said 23rd day of
    February, 1951, said Hubbard, together with defendant Frank B.
    Dessler, head of the Los Angeles Dianetic Foundation, abducted the
    infant child of the parties, Alexis from her crib, and deposited
    said infant in West Los Angeles with defendant Vince Mc Gonigle
    under the assumed name of Anne Marie Olson, and concealed said
    infant from plaintiff until this day. That this was admitted by
    said Dessler in the habeas corpus proceedings filed on the 10th
    day of April, 1951 entitled In re Alexis Valorie Hubbard, Los
    Angeles Superior Court Number H.C. 35879.
    (i) That said Hubbard, Dessler and defendant Richard B.
    De Mille, having secreted said infant child, feloniously dragged
    That's horrible.
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