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Thread: Kylie Minogue launches bid to crack the States

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    Poor, desperate Brave Kylie.....
    ..Got 25 channels of white noise evil buzzing in my head..

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    I'd say Kylie is far from fat. As a matter of fact, she's often referred to as quite petite. If there's a bit of weight gain, I'm sure her cancer battle played a role.

    I like Kylie, but I think her time has past. It's amazing that she is revered in her native Australia, but can't catch a break in North America. It happens though. Some of the top acts around Europe bombed here (Westlife, Boyzone are two examples).

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    She's looked better, but I'm not dissing her-after what she's been through, it's just nice to see her happy and healthy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by purple rain View Post
    I hate Kylie's voice. It's so weak. She sounds so nasily and chipmunk-like almost.

    And her new album is crap. I hope they don't start playing this no talent's manufactured, crap music in this country.
    One Word: Britney.

    OK, is all I'm saying.

    And trust me, with the amount of no-talent manufactured crap music that your country is responsible for I'd hesitate before blasting on Kylie... who co-incidently is an absolute icon in Australia, UK and Europe (which, co-incidently, is also a far bigger audience than just your country!

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