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Thread: Kristen Stewart on fashion, advertising photo shoots: ‘It was always f–king torture’

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    Y'all are on a roll today!!! I love it....

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    WEll, Kristen, it's f----cking torture for us to have to look at your ugly face and marginal acting ability.
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    Woe is her with all those Twihards swooning over her and (presumably) buying her products.

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    Thank heavens she's never had a real job. Imagine her emotional and mental state if she had to do some real work. God really does look out for the weak.

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    yes, of course. acting isn't a real job. ditch digging, fire fighting, paper pushing, etc are the only real jobs.
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    One day, I will probably give up my dream of ditch digging and go back to my hometown to be a simple Hollywood mogul.
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    “Before the photo shoot I did with him, it was always f–king torture,”
    And not just for YOU, my dear...
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    Quote Originally Posted by MrsDark View Post
    This is why you get an education people.

    This awkward, scruffy idiot should be thrilled anybody would want to pay her to play dress up and take pics.

    It's the easiest money she'll ever make
    Exactly, and there's no guarantee her career will last especially now that Twilight is over

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    Default she is willing to fuck married directors, I'm guessing her career has more than a good chance of continuing. No bets on the quality of work, however.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kittylady View Post
    If these shoots are so dreadful then don't do them and earn your crust through your acting ability. Oh, wait...
    Not for much longer if she doesn't get a good PR & do what she's told...
    Quote Originally Posted by Mel1973 View Post
    well, I object to the use of the word "torture". Horror stories from our men and women coming home missing limbs, with titanium plates in their heads, ACTUAL POWs know, people who HAVE been tortured... and for something other than "fashion" and fucking MONEY - they have experiend "torture", not this useless shitstain. She and Tom Cruise should get together, they are both arrogant, over inflated, pompous, self important fuck sticks who should STFD&STFU. stupid bitch.
    *gets out the electrodes*

    Alternatively, we could make her watch her own acting....
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