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Thread: Kourtney Kardashian pregnant with third baby

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    Quote Originally Posted by *Wookie-Chick* View Post
    Hmm.. i wonder if they named the little fellow after this dude? ...

    Professional Wrestler Roman Reigns..

    Mr Reigns has had a rather controversial couple of years at WWE .. and if there are any wrestling fans on GR, they will probably want to open a can of woop-ass on me, for calling Mr Reigns a 'Professional' wrestler..

    So i had better exit, stage left .. And hey it was just a thought about where Kourtney and Scott may have come up with the name Reign? .. Maybe they are wrestling fans?
    just stop. stop stop stop.

    Pro-wrestling is scripted, and has been forever. Hence it's called Entertainment. The controversy you speak of started when he was with a group called The Shield (from NXT). The only problem
    for Roman Reigns, is his push was a bit too fast for fans. But, if you watched Wrestlemania, you'd know that the crowd is back on his side since Brock Lesnar lost the title to Seth Rollins when he cashed
    in his Money in the Bank. WWE stands for World Wrestling ENTERTAINMENT. Yes there ARE some moves not classified as wrestling because, you guessed it... it's ENTERTAINMENT.

    i am a big fan of wrestling (in lieu of a life) and i do know what i'm talking about

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