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Thread: Kleptoskank Lindsay Lohan Nicks Bling, Evades Jail, Blames Black Kids Everywhere

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    Quote Originally Posted by lizzybabe View Post
    I can't believe the audience at the Tonight Show gave her a standing ovation. And then people wonder why celebrities don't learn from their mistakes.

    i don't know why they are making a big deal of her getting a standing ovation. EVERYONE gets a standing O at Leno's shows.
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    Tuesday, May 3rd 2011
    Lindsay Lohan Serves The Community By Going Braless

    With a Coke in hand, Lindsay Lohan showed up to orientation at the Downtown Women's Center, where she's doing some of her community service, in L.A. yesterday wearing what most graveyard-shift rest stop hookers call "professional attire."

    LiLo served her community just by showing up with her nipples out! Those women in the shelter personally got to meet the busiest nipples in the business. Those nipples have cut lines of the bad shit with the best of 'em! Colin Farrell (and Gerard Butler and Aaron Carter and Harry Morton and SamRo and the bagger at the Vons on Hollywood Blvd) have done shots of bottom shelf tequila off those nipples! If those nipples weren't fucked up all the time, the stories they could tell you! So we should consider LiLo's community service as served!

    And I'm sure White Oprah is already stumbling up to the podium to say that her innocent child isn't wearing a bra because she selflessly donated it to a homeless woman with needy nipples.
    Well, maybe someone finally got through to her.
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    Oh we'll see how many she does...

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    With a Coke in hand, Lindsay Lohan showed up to orientation at the Downtown Women's Center, where she's doing some of her community service, in L.A. yesterday...... LiLo served her community just by showing up with her nipples out"
    Ugh. Could she be any more classless?

    I get the feeling she was doing one of her "f-u authority"/"look at me, look at me" acts - a la the fingernail-cuss-word-court-apperance incident.

    I barely go braless walking around in my own house, let alone in public, at a woman's shelter.

    She has zero respect. It's just so disgusting to watch.

    Buy hey, whatever gets you paid right, Lindsay/Dina?

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    Methinks she got another pay cheque for holding a can of coke like that. She should absolutely not profit from her community service.

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    lol saw this on tumblr and thought it was hilarious lol

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    Does she have the Britters wonk tit, perchance? The nips do not seem to point the same way!

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    I know she is Banned, but this was funny.

    Paris Hilton Takes A SHOT At Lindsay Lohan

    5/5/2011 12:30 AM PDT by TMZ Staff

    Someone get Lindsay Lohan some aloe and a cold compress ... 'cause she just got BURNED by Paris Hilton!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hilton was taping her Oxygen reality show "The World According to Paris" ... when a homeless woman mistook her for Lindsay Lohan.

    At first, Paris seemed to take it in stride ... but then P-FUNK DROPS THE HAMMER!!!

    It ain't the first time Hilton's taken a shot at Lohan ... remember, she egged on and laughed her face off at Brandon Davis during his infamous "Firecrotch" rant back in '06.

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    well, she's not wrong.
    Kill him.
    Kill her.
    Kill It.
    Kill everything... that IS the solution!
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    The World According to Paris hmmmm.... so each episode is 22 minutes of drunked stupidity followed by whining and cries of "I didn't do anything wrong".
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    Lindsay -- Paris Hilton Is Just MEAN

    5/5/2011 11:45 AM PDT by TMZ Staff
    Lindsay Lohan is pissed off with Paris Hilton -- claiming the shot Hilton fired at LiLo on a reality show was just plain "mean."

    Lindsay is telling friends, "[Paris] is mean. You don’t have to make fun of serious matters in people's lives to be funny."

    We posted the clip this morning from Hilton's new reality show "The World According to Paris" -- in which Paris gives a homeless woman her earrings ... and the woman mistakes Paris for Lindsay.

    Paris responds -- "If I were Lindsay, I would be stealing earrings ... not giving them away."

    This feud is so 2006.

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    Well what did Paris actually say?

    Omg, I can't believe I just typed that out. That's a question I would have never thought I'd ask. Like, "do y'all like my toilet flower planter in the front yard" or "may I have more brussels sprouts please" or "did I pay the rent on the big screen tv this week"

    edit - HA never mind, I saw what she said
    "I've cautiously embraced jeggings"
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    Well, not to give the twat any credit, but that shit is funny.
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    Paris keeps getting these reality shows and I don't know anybody that watches them or even knows they're on.

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    Well well well, it looks like Miss Hilton might have actually called upon two brain cells to interact long enough to come up with that joke. Nice to know she has the capability, even if it's so very, very limited. Also I chuckled when I read it. Fuck you LiLo, just go away right now please.
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