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Thread: Kim Kardashian/Kanye West divorce countdown

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    Ring, camera, action! Kanye West's proposal to Kim Kardashian 'was filmed for her reality show'

    PUBLISHED: 21:10, 22 October 2013 | UPDATED: 23:09, 22 October 2013

    Even though they've been dating for almost two years, Kanye West has not been much of a presence on his fiancee Kim Kardashian's reality show.
    So it comes as a surprise that when he popped the question in San Francisco's AT&T baseball park on October 21, the entire thing was filmed for Keeping Up With The Kardashians, according to TMZ.
    'Multiple cameras were rolling during Kanye's proposal,' a source told the site, adding, 'there's plenty of material for the Kardashian reality show.'
    In shots from the event posted on Instagram, TV cameras can be seen in the background.

    Action! According to TMZ, camera crews were present when Kanye West popped the question to Kim Kardashian on her 33rd birthday at San Francisco's AT&T baseball park

    Bling ring: This sparkler was no doubt filmed by several E! cameramen

    Rolling! That's a TV camera to the right of Keeping Up With The Karashians producer Kris Jenner who's held by Joe Francis

    Smile, you're on camera! It was all caught on tape which the world may see on next season's Keeping Up With The Kardashians

    E! did not return calls to MailOnline, nor did Kim's publicist.

    The proposal was not short on theatrics that would make it prime-time worthy.
    The rapper rented out the entire baseball stadium, hiring a 50-piece orchestra to play Lana Del Rey's Young And Beautiful and having the marquee light up with PLEEESE MARRY MEEE!!!'
    There might be a reason there were so many Es in his plea - after all, E! is the network that would be airing the engagement.

    The timing couldn't be any better. Kanye, 36, asked for Kim's hand in marriage on her 33rd birthday - only heightening the drama - which just happened to take place knee-deep in filming for the ninth season of the hit reality series.
    The family has been seen all over Los Angeles filming, most publicly on October 10 when Babyface got his star on Hollywood's Walk Of Fame.
    The rapper also made sure plenty of his love's nearest and dearest were present at the proposal.

    It's a party: Kendall Jenner joins Khloe Kardashian, jewelry designer Lorraine Schwartz (third from left) and Kourtney, with other revelers, on the field

    All lit up: The newly engaged couple pose with series regular Kourtney and friend Joe

    Kim's mom Kris Jenner - who is also a Keeping Up With The Kardashians producer - was front and center as well as Kim's siblings - and co-stars - Kendall and Kylie Jenner, the latter who bought her boyfriend, After Earth star Jaden Smith (the son of Will Smith). Kourtney was also present.
    Even Jonathan Cheban made the scene with his girlfriend Anat Popovsky, as well as Girls Gone Wild producer Joe Francis.

    A party was thrown after the proposal where a sea of guests can be sipping white wine.

    Even Kim's new bling is camera worthy.
    In a snap posted on Instagram, Kim can be seen holding her hand towards the camera as she flashes her 15-carat Lorraine Schwartz diamond engagement ring.

    It's always good to have a publicist on hand: Flack Jonathan Cheban held onto girlfriend Anat Popovsky (right) and Scott Disick's baby mama (left)

    A report from People claims that the Stronger singer had been 'planning this for awhile,' adding, 'He's known he wanted to marry her.'

    The weekly also insists the former Playboy cover girl was surprised by it all.
    'She was shocked and couldn't speak after,' a source who witnessed the proposal told the publication. 'Everyone had mascara running down their faces from tears.'
    The source adds, 'It was an emotional moment for her. She's been wanting this to happen. She loves Kanye so much.'

    Kisses with a co-star? The mother to North puckers up with a female guest at the well-populated event

    And it's a wrap: The matriarch was clearly in on the planning of the proposal as she thanked Larry Baer, the CEO of the San Francisco Giants, in a tweet

    TMZ adds that Kanye, who was reportedly very 'hands on' during the proposal, has 'final approval' over whether the event can be used for the series or not. So while the whole thing was shot, the film could end up on the cutting room floor.
    Still, Kris seemed to be extremely involved as she thanked San Francisco Giants CEO in a tweet and even posted a photo with him.

    Kris Humphries proposal to the Kardashian Kollection designer in 2011 was also shot for the family's reality show and his subsequent nuptials made into a wedding special for E!
    So was Lamar Odom's proposal to Khloe Kardashian.

    Another day at the office: Khloe and her mom, seen here on October 10 at Babyface's Walk Of Fame ceremony, have been busy shooting season nine of the series

    Guest star: The Diamonds singer, seen here on the show with Khloe during his fiancee's baby shower in June, hasn't popped up much on E!...yet

    He did it: Kris Humphries let E! cameras roll when he got down on one knee in 2011 to propose to the Kardashian princess

    Read more: Kanye West's proposal to Kim Kardashian was filmed for TV | Mail Online

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    Quote Originally Posted by Air Quotes View Post
    I cannot wait to see the dress Kanye makes her wear.
    It's gonna be Givenchy by Ricardo Tisci and it's going to be hideous.
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    PMK must have a gay sex tape of Kanye or something. It's the only reason I can think of for this scripted farce.
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    What a relief it must be for Kim to not have to buy her own engagement ring for her famewhoremance for a change.

    Joe Francis & PMK are two peas in an attention-grubbing, slimy pod. They should marry and live in North Korea.

    And Jonathan Cheban is hetero? Really?
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    It is a farce isn't it? Are we really meant to believe any part of this true lurve story? It's insane to have your life controlled like that.

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    Anyone that hangs out with Joe Francis is equally as disgusting as he is. That pic with Joe, Kourtney, Kim and Kanye is fucking frightening. I never realized how ugly Kourtney is. Kanye is the best looking in the bunch.

    Kim is heading into Catwoman territory. She has that puffy pillow face.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laurent View Post

    And Jonathan Cheban is hetero? Really?
    thats the only thing in the article that shocked me
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    I'll believe it when I see it. Mr. and mrs. disgusting.
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    of course kanye proposed in ALL CAPS
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    I didn't see any pictures of Bruce.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rollo View Post
    The 10 most awkward moments from Kim Kardashian's dating past BEFORE Kanye West's proposal

    5. That time when she was linked to Cristiano Ronaldo.

    Errr WTF?! Copyright [Splash]

    I thought Ronaldo was not into women. I never heard about them two together.
    In my opinion he is such a drama queen. I've seen games of him looking directly at the ref and falling over to make it seem like the opponent player has tripped or hurt him. One channel slowed down the clip to show his dumb face faking it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Palermo View Post
    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Now they have cursed our ballpark!
    No worries Palermo! HAZMAT is cleaning up our Ballpark!

    The fact that no one understands you, doesn't mean you're an artist.

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    Kim is quickly becoming the ugliest one in the bunch.
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    There is not one redeeming factor about this family. NOT ONE. It sickens me to see how much attention they command.
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    Is PMK dating Joe Francis now? They sure are hanging out a lot lately.
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