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Thread: Kim Kardashian/Kanye West divorce countdown

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    So, for the past entire year, North West has repeatedly requested to not be attired in prints for her photo ops with her parents.

    I see.


    Cimmy had an affair with a convict while engaged to Humphries?
    Kim Kardashian did NOT bang a convict while she was engaged to Kris Humphries ... and the con is nothing but a swindler and liar ... so says Kim's lawyer in a scathing letter.

    Andrey Hicks sent a website an email he claimed was written by Kim herself, admitting the two had an affair in Monaco shortly before her wedding to Kris ... and it was "a mistake."

    Now Kim's lawyer, Marty Singer, has sent Andrey -- better known as inmate #21236-055 -- a letter ripping into him, calling him "a swindling convict and a liar," adding Andrey has even called himself "a greedy capitalist who went to jail for a greedy scheme."

    In fact ... Andrey is a greedy capitalist who went to PRISON for a greedy, hedge fund scheme.

    As for the email, Singer says the email is fake ... and Kim never ever sent it.

    Here's the best part. Singer calls Andrey out for claiming he got a Ph.D in mathematics from Harvard, saying, " dropped out of Harvard after three semesters and earned a D- in the only math course you took at Harvard."

    Singer ends by challenging Andrey to take a polygraph.
    LOL, wut?
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    I see. So North hasn't liked pink for her entire life. Those kicks in the womb were probably an SOS for, "NO PINK. NO WIRE HANGERS. MORE SELFIES, BITCHES."

    North is deep. We probably haven't seen her because she's on a super secret mission figuring out peace in the Middle East. Because Kim thinks Middle East is the play date equivalent of North West.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brookie View Post
    So, for the past entire year, North West has repeatedly requested to not be attired in prints for her photo ops with her parents.

    I see.
    Maybe she is still traumatised by that god-awful flower dress Kim wore to the Met Gala???
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    Quote Originally Posted by rollo View Post
    Her Mom is her bank and tells her what to do. They both carry on making as much money as possible and couldn't care less about personal relationships or babies.
    Lies lies lies. Kris cares about babies. She cares about how soon she can pimp them out, she cares about how much they can be pimped out for and she cares how quickly they can get butt implants, lip fillers and liposuction.
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    ^ Yes of course she cares about them for money making purposes! That's why she said she wanted loads more and when that didn't fly very well, she said she wanted one more. Since she hasn't seen Kanye since the honeymoon and she didn't have an affair with a convict, I'm kinda wondering who is waiting in the gym for her or at her Mama's house.

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    I guess you can't be sarcastic in interviews': Kim Kardashian insists she was 'joking' after advising pregnant women to hide their bodies in 'a big blanket'

    By Louise Saunders
    Published: 12:56, 13 July 2014 | Updated: 13:42, 13 July 2014
    She caused a stir earlier this week by claiming pregnant women should 'never leave the house' and hide their bodies in a 'huge blanket'.
    But Kim Kardashian has now taken to Twitter to defend her comments, insisting that she was being 'sarcastic' with her tongue-in-cheek maternity recommendations.

    Explaining that she was 'joking' in the ELLE magazine interview, she said: 'I guess you can't be sarcastic when doing interviews! I was asked about tips on pregnancy style.....

    'I was joking': Kim Kardashian, pictured at LAX on Friday, caused a stir earlier this week by claiming pregnant women should 'never leave the house' and hide their bodies in a 'huge blanket'


    Hitting out: The reality star has now taken to Twitter to defend her comments, insisting that she was being 'sarcastic' with her tongue-in-cheek maternity recommendations

    'I jokingly said pregnant woman should hide/stay in if they looked like I did lol. I said ask Kourt her tips bc she has the best preg style

    'I really should start video taping the interviews I do & post on my website so u can see the laughs & how it's really said. (sic)'

    Kim's Twitter comments come after she offered some of her hard-earned wisdom on the matter of maternity fashion this week.While some of her answers may have been tongue-in-cheek, she certainly made a point of being provocative in her responses.

    Words of wisdom: Kim Kardashian offers pregnancy fashion advise in new interview, pictured at Paris Fashion Week on Tuesday

    Brody Jenner and girlfriend attend wedding of Kim Kardashian's ex Reggie Bush... after skipping his stepsister's Italian ceremony

    By Daily Mail Reporter
    Published: 06:35, 13 July 2014 | Updated: 10:37, 13 July 2014

    He didn't bother attending his stepsister Kim Karadshian's lavish wedding back in May.

    But Brody Jenner had no qualms about being a guest at the 33-year-old's ex-boyfriend's ceremony on Saturday.

    'It's go time @kaitlynn_carter yewww @reggiebush,' the 30-year-old reality TV star posted to Instagram with a snap of himself and his gorgeous girlfriend Kaitlynn Carter as they geared up for the football star's nuptials.

    Celebration! Brody Jenner and his girlfriend Kaitlynn Carter attended Reggie Bush and Lilit Avagyan's wedding on Saturday

    Brody later shared a photo with the groom and bride - who bore more than a passing resemblance to Kim in her form-fitting gown.

    Meanwhile the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star appeared dapper in a black suit, as his model girlfriend, 26, matched in a sexy strapless dress with a thigh-high-slit.

    Brody was sure to see a lot of Reggie during the three years he dated Kim before they split in 2010.

    The 29-year-old athlete has moved on to professional dancer Lilit Avagyan, 26, in 2011 and they even have a daughter, Briseis, together.

    Dolled up and ready! Brody and Kaitlynn made for a stunning pair as they posed before the San Diego ceremony

    Big day: Reggie, right, and Lilit said their 'I dos' at the Grand Del Mar. They have been dating since 2011 and have a 14-month-old daughter together

    People confirmed Reggie and Lilit said their 'I dos' at the Grand Del Mar in San Diego on Saturday.

    In May, Kim wed Kanye West, 37, in an elaborate ceremony in Florence Italy.

    Brody opted to host a DJ gig in Chicago instead of attend the star-studded celebration.

    The Hills star was left furious when his girlfriend was not invited and backed out of attending, according to Us Weekly.

    While Brody was apparently annoyed he was not given a plus-one for his girlfriend, his brother Brandon and his wife Leah attended
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    LOL re Brody, good for him! Reggie is one fine looking man, compare him to Kangaye. As for the Bush wedding photos, why are all the women standing so awkwardly, weird looking.
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    Reggie has a type. Good for Brody. Too bad Rob didn't attend also
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    Well I guess she's officially now such a vapid twat bag that it's going to be harder to up the ante on her ridiculousness in SNL sketches. Is hard to tell what's shithole Kardashian vs what is just satirical SNL.

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    She is really becoming like a living statue. Her features are so stretched and frozen that she will be looking like Joan Rivers very very soon or those Aliens in Star Trek Insurrection.

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    Funny that Kanye turns out to be the gold digger. I want more golden toilets!!!

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    So does her ass now require it's very own umbrella to keep it dry in the rain?

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    Her eyebrows and her boobs and her nose and her lips ....

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    she looks seriously terrifying in that photo.

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    Who knew living statues could be sarcastic? Poor Kim, her thoughts and expressions are so easily misunderstood.
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