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Thread: Kevin Spacey outed by Andy Cohen?

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    The fact that it obviously matters to him, if not to the rest of us, speaks volumes. I suspect that unfortunately he has good reason to worry that coming out will affect his career and let's be honest, there is still a lot of homophobia out there. He's a fine actor and that's all that matters.
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    I don't care whether Spacey is gay, straight or bi. It makes no difference to my life either way and even if he is I don't think it would surprise anyone who had paid any kind of attention to him.

    I read John Barrowman's autobiography a while ago and he talked about meeting Kevin Spacey when he (Barrowman) was a young man. In another part of the book he relates an encounter around that very same time with an unnamed "great" of the stage and screen and reading between the lines it would seem that he could quite easily be talking about Spacey. Was I shocked? No. Did I give a crap? No. Did it make a difference to how I felt about either as an actor? Not at all.
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    I don't believe I have ever given a thought to his sexual leanings...he's just a great actor.

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    I don't think Spacey's career would suffer, if he came out. He's a character actor, not a typical rom com lead or mahnly action star. That being said, if he doesn't want to come out, he doesn't need any other reason than 'I don't wanna'. Nobody's business than his.
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    The problem for Spacey and other closeted actors is that it is incredibly easy to get typecast in Hollywood. Not just gay vs straight. But also bad guy vs. good guy. Or straight charactor vs. comic relief charactor. Or even black vs. white (for actors of mixed race). And on and on. Spacey wants his phone to keep ringing with new opportunities just like any other actor.

    I think the only way that this situation will get resolved for gay and lesbian actors is if everyone, including straight actors, officially comes out as bi.
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