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Thread: Kendra Wilkinson from Playboys 'Girls Next Door' in charge of Olive Garden pictorial

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    Quote Originally Posted by ingi View Post
    the women of McDondalds are truly the best though
    Ok what McDonald's are they finding these girls? The ones I go to have no women that look like this...
    Quote Originally Posted by Celestial View Post
    I also choose to believe the rumors because I am, when it is all said and done, a dirty gossip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by McJag View Post
    I love their salad,soup & breadsticks. And I want THEM to cook it!
    me too! and clean it up as well...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sweetie View Post
    I love it all!!!!

    I just sent MsDeb a pm, I guess I could share it with everyone though....
    You can go to the Olive Garden site and print all their recipes.
    Almost.. I LOVED the last special the chicken w/ the spinach rollatini..OMG was it good..but it's not on there.. I looked as soon as I got home.
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    Quote Originally Posted by crumpet View Post
    I like the salad dressing.

    Me too! Its the best!!!

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