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did he have some sex tape in the nineties? Anyone remember what that was about? I was rather young and don't remember the details as it was before the internet celebrity sex tape thing took off.
Well if he does have a tape with Camille it'll be from 10+ yrs ago...
"Sex starved: Kelsey revealed that he 'hadn't had sex for a decade' before meeting his now wife"

The blonde, who's since moved on with bankruptcy lawyer Dimitri Charalambopoulos, said the second season was horrible because Grammer left her for Katye while she was filming.

In the past, she's also made public allegations that her ex was a cross-dresser and that they 'just didn't mesh sexually.'

'He didn't want to cuddle,' Camille said. '[He was] too busy watching FOX News!'

Read more: Kelsey Grammer reveals he 'hadn't had sex for a decade' during marriage to Camille | Mail Online

Apparently Camille is bleak with Kelsey because he got engaged to his new mooiness within a couple of days of breaking up with her and now wants to get some cash from the ex-Cheers star if he doesn't pay up in the divorce lawsuit. So what you’re thinking- its just a sex video right?! Well you’d be wrong… Apparently this rather odd chap loves to have sex while dressed as a woman, in pantyhose, a spandex G-string, full makeup and a long auburn wig and the sex tapes back all of this up!

“In one, Kelsey is all tied up and begs Camille to have sex with him. In another, she spanks him while he talks in a baby voice and calls her ‘Mommy!’’ dishes another source close to the couple!
Seriously? Maybe he should get with the Octomom....

I remember the National Enquirer running a piece years ago about him being a cross dresser. And I think they even had a quote from Camile (not that she was well known then).

"New love: Kelsey has moved on with his British flight attendant bride while Camille is getting serious with bankruptcy lawyer Dimitri Charalambopoulos"

When you see who they have moved on with I really think that Camile is doing better.... Actually there is just something about him that I don't like, never have.