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Thread: Kelly Clarkson's Photoshopped Self magazine cover

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    I think Self Magazine was trying to save money on ink.

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    I'm not about to bag on KC for her weight. It makes no difference to me. That said, if I would never feel comfortable enough to pose for a (fluffy and crappy) HEALTH magazine at that weight. They are literally making her the cover girl for good health. Clearly they think they're selling a lie or they wouldn't have to shave more than 20 lbs off of her frame.

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    I have a strange way of thinking when it comes to celebs. I know that they are people just like us, blah, blah, blah, but they get paid millions of dollars so I want them to suffer something. Put down that burger, you don't get to be fat, rich and happy! Eff that! You've got to give up something. I don't need you to be Lindsay skinny, but I need you to look good in a bikini. Might be crazy but that is how I feel. They already get paid way too much.

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    Kelly Clarkson on ‘Self’ photoshop: ‘they were not happy with what I look like’

    Kelly Clarkson appeared on the cover of the September issue of Self in a photo that was so altered it looked nothing like her. She was very obviously Photoshopped thinner, and Self editor Lucy Danzinger wrote a haughty blog entry in response to the criticism saying that they’d only made Clarkson “look her personal best.” Danzinger also offered an anecdote about how she even had her own hips Photoshopped thinner - after running the marathon for goodness sake! Well if even you needed to get some airbrushing help, Lucy, we’ll forgive you for having your graphic artists make Clarkson look like a different person.

    Clarkson talked to UK’s Heat magazine, and said that the controversy didn’t bother her exactly, but that she thought the photo looked like someone else. I’ve read Heat and they do run celebrity interviews that are legitimate and not cobbled-together pieces from other sources, as British magazine occasionally do. These look like new quotes, although without seeing the original article it’s hard to tell:
    Now Clarkson has opened up about the controversy, admitting she was shocked by the pictures, but accepts all photo shoots inevitably involve the airbrush.

    She tells Britain’s Heat magazine, “The whole airbrushing thing has gone crazy. I was like, ‘Who is that on the cover of the magazine?’ They were obviously not happy with what I look like. I’m not being mean about myself, but I just found it funny. I think it’s just one of those things that people have got so used to doing that they don’t even think twice about it.”
    [From SFGate]

    Kelly is right - they usually just make everyone look homogeneous and think that’s what the public expects. At least Self was forced to think twice about it when it became such a controversy in the media. Do you think Self will take some of the criticism to heart at all and start to feature larger models, as Glamour has done with size 12 model Lizzie Miller? I would bet that all Self does is decide never to use a cover model again that isn’t a thin, super-fit woman that they still airbrush to Barbie-level proportions. Editor Danzinger said that the Clarkson issue “the truest we have ever put out there on the newsstand.” Self’s idea of “true” is having to use a few extra keystrokes to achieve the illusion of perfection.

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    The body looks like it's slightly feasible if she was mad sucking it in but the arms are definitely altered. Girl has meaty biceps, with or without exercise. And they gave her a weird pointy chin. Looks more like Kelly's cousin than the real her.
    Enjoy the liquor and delicatessen.

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