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Thread: Katie Price 'begged Peter Andre to take her back just TWO weeks before divorce'

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    Y'all are probably going to laugh at me, but this makes me sad. I think Peter really loved her and loved their family and while they may be able to explain things to the younger two, Harvey is never going to understand what happened.

    Not to mention the fact that she seems like the kind of person who would bad mouth their father to the children when he's not there, which is a really unfair thing to do to them.

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    I think that Peter really did love her, I think that you're right. I'm sad for him that he's been treated like shit and is hurting, because he comes across as a really decent bloke.

    I saw Closer Magazine & ont he cover is Katie Price declaring that she's getting married again since Pete has a new gf... She's an idiot and lasts a mature outlook & sensibilities.

    I saw this prior to their divorce last week too..
    MARRIAGE-split Katie Price has been warned that her hellraiser lifestyle could lead to her losing her kids AND £5million.

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    The busty babe, below, who is divorcing hubby Peter Andre, got the dressing-down from top showbiz lawyer Ambi Sitham.

    Ambi believes the courts could take a dim view of 31-year-old Katie’s boozy jaunts to Ibiza.

    And they might not think new cage-fighter boyfriend Alex Reid – who simulated sex scenes in an X-rated movie – is a suitable father substitute for kids Harvey, seven, Junior, four, and two-year-old Princess Tiaamii.

    Ambi said: “Price’s behaviour over the last four months is probably going to contribute to the custody arrangements, especially her well-publicised trips to Ibiza.

    “She was obviously getting very drunk. In addition she has exposed her children at a very young age to a new relationship with Alex Reid.

    They will look into his background and at his suitability as a potential stepfather to Price’s children.

    “The courts will not look favourably on anyone they deem a bad role model.

    “I should think the least the judge would decide is to grant joint custody of the children to Price and Andre. He might even get sole custody.

    “Andre, coming from a strong Greek-Cypriot family *background, has conducted himself as the model father.”

    Peter, 36, and the children last night returned from a few days *quadbiking in the Spanish resort of Marbella.

    The singer has said he doesn’t want a penny of Katie’s cash. But Ambi warned she could be forced to hand over at least a quarter of the £20million she has made since the wedding.

    She said: “The courts will look at what role was played in emotional support as well as financial.

    “Andre will be able to show he *contributed to the Katie Price brand.

    “Before they met she was purely known as Jordan the glamour model.

    “As a result of marrying Andre she was able to create an alter ego.

    “I think she is in line for a bit of a shock.

    “She will not be walking away from this without making a substantial payout.”

    On his twitter he's made comments about having the kids, but that he misses Harvey - and I think that its really unfair of her to with-hold Harvey's access even though his not the bio dad, because he IS the only dad that Harvey has known.... ITs not like his bio-dad wants anything to do with him, oor kid!

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    ^ It's not like his mother is raising him either, poor kid. He must be with her mother or with a nanny. She never realised how lucky she was with Pete. She's just married to the booze.

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